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The fade nerfs the pop
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 10/18/11 6:22 a.m.

In Response To: Re: I'm Dissapointed....::Video:: (Frankie)

: This was designed to be a cross between asthetically
: pleasing and allowing you to prep for action in the event you make the
: switch during motion.

But I suspect people would mostly be using the switch just to see the comparison, and when the camera is stationary at least, the comparison would be much better seen by way of an instant visual switch (replacing a temporarily frozen image with the alternate version when it's fully ready, I guess). That way your eyes can more easily see how something changes. With the fade transition which lasts around 1.5 seconds (I've done some frame counting), you lose sight of the original version and have to use memory to make the comparison. There's not so much 'pop', and the impact is reduced. So for a stationary camera at least, the fade seems counter-productive. The fade nerfs the pop.

: It has never been instant, there was always a pause. the old demos showed it
: as a freeze. The fade now covers ONLY the pause and is in fact much
: shorter than the "freeze" used to be, so you don't actually miss
: anything moving.

You mention a freeze, but in the old Silent Cartographer demo vid there didn't seem to be any significant freezing, so I'm curious about this. Of the various switches, many were instant such as the first one at around 2:27 (hence occured within 1/30 sec as the movie was 30 fps), and I think the longest took no more than 1/10 sec (3 frames). Was something removed via video editing then?

As for the fade, I notice that it appeared in a few 343GS vids back in August.

Bad Cyborg

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