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Re: Wow, happy 4th.
Posted By: vociferous <>Date: 7/5/11 10:19 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Wow, happy 4th. (Stephen L. (SoundEffect))

: Why show the Pillar of Autumn while describing the exploits of the Iroquois?
: They could have at least used some footage from Midlothian.

Yeah, I don't envy the dudes who have to throw together footage from what we have in stock on the things written in these videos - which are often obscure, vague or have simply never been visualized before. They have to weigh all sorts of factors, including fictional accuracy, thematic pacing, and emotional resonance, and it's not an easy deal. Midlothian would have been physically accurate in terms of ship type (which you guys are fully aware of), but there were no shots of that destroyer that wouldn't end up confusing the general audience since "THE HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN" is plastered on the side of that destroyer throughout much of that footage and its not engaging anything. In some of these videos, we're trusting in you folks to sort out what is being spoken of and what we're capable of providing visuals for. Mr. David Ellis put these together (there are a few more) and he did a bang up job IMO. Props to Ellis for bringing awesome moving pictures to Waypoint. :-)

Answers: The quote came from Colonel Akono Menteith of the 53rd Armored Division of the UNSC Army on the colony world of Actium on May 10, 2545.

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