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Looks like the fires are out...
Posted By: Louis Wu <>Date: 6/30/11 9:45 a.m.

In Response To: Olive Branch? (bryan newman)

I was busy compiling newsposts for the day, so I missed much of the bile, but I had one small suggestion that folks might want to think about:

Words matter.

The post from bryan, the one that set off the flames, was titled

"How did I know Aerospace would disappoint?"

With the addition of ONE SMALL WORD, I think an awful lot of the kneejerk reaction to his post might have been avoided...

"How did I know Aerospace would disappoint me?"

You may say "come on, it's one word!" Yeah - it is. But it's the difference between a general statement that applies to you even if you don't agree with it, and a personal opinion.

I've been trying (and failing) for months to convince Cody Miller that the words he chooses to put forth his arguments often make more noise than the arguments themselves - he seems to disagree, and so we continue to get unnecessarily provocative posts from him.

This is a case where the title of a post brought up an INSTANT reaction from me - raised my hackles, so to speak - because it DIDN'T disappoint; it was one of the coolest things I'd read in a long time. If the tiny two-letter word had been tacked on to the end of it, I wouldn't have even raised my eyebrows; I can certainly see where SOME folks, especially folks who don't really care about mobile or social gaming, might be disappointed. But that disappointment wouldn't affect ME, personally, because it would be clear that he wasn't trying to speak for me.

The reaction was way, way too fast to be conscious - that's my point to Cody, too. It's not about adding "in my opinion" to the end of every sentence - it's about wording things in a way that doesn't make people want to punch you in the face.

Again, something to think about. If you feel it doesn't/shouldn't apply to you, ignore it.

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