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Re: My thoughts on H4
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 6/12/11 2:24 p.m.

In Response To: My thoughts on H4 (0postmortem0)

I suppose it's inevitable that I'm going to have a different view, bearing in mind that to you Halo 2 stood out as "the defining Halo game" whereas I soon traded my copy back to the shop, so disappointed was I with its needless revisionism and the fact that half the gameplay was given over to another character entirely. Poor old Arby - I've had it in for him ever since!

My own reaction to the H4 trailer is that I'm entirely happy to see MC getting back into action, and I'm also happy that it's apparently starting by encountering a ruddy great object in space. After all, that turned out pretty nicely the first time around! There's no telling how things are going to turn out this time, but if it involves a seriously long campaign in which we play as MC and in which there are no annoying unkillable squad-mate characters tagging along, that would be an ideal starting point for me. Basically, I'd love to get back to the more intimate feel of H1. The feel of going on a long personal adventure. To my mind, the potential of H1 gameplay and atmosphere was never properly exploited. We got just the one game's worth of top quality goodness, and then it was lost. So if 343 at least tries to get back to basics, that would be fine by me.

Bad Cyborg

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