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Re: All really special decade. Sorta Alls Well Wri
Posted By: Miguel ChavezDate: 5/27/11 3:46 p.m.

In Response To: All really special decade. Sorta Alls Well Writeu (nof)

: I've had this writeup in my head for a long time now. Its not the usual
: chronological of travel madness and gametype insanity that most of you
: have read before. Now that the current era of Wu lans is coming to a close
: I feel like I need to finally express the thoughts that have been swimming
: around my brain for a while.

: My own personal life over the past decade has been tumultuous. There have
: been ups, downs and a whole lot of sideways. I don't want to say my life
: is bad or compare hard knocks with anyone. We've all battled similar
: fights and had the box of chocolates melted and thrown in our face from
: time to time.

: The difference between my path through life and many others is I've been part
: of an amazing experience where gamertags, irc chat and forum screen names
: have become lifelong friends. Were geographic political, spiritual and
: personal hygeine differences never got in the way of lasting bonds and
: affection.

: HBO LANs and the people who attend them are a rock in my life. A anchor
: holding my ship from smashing into the shore. It seemed whenever the
: excrement was hitting the rotating blades a weekend of halo and laughter
: with the finest individuals I've ever known popped up and boosted an
: otherwise less than ideal experience.

: Jim, the guy with the camera, kept asking "what is your fondest Halo
: memory" and it truly difficult to come up with a singular moment.
: Saying hugging the friend you haven't seen in 2 years probably wouldn't
: have worked well on camera. There was a point playing Halo downstairs last
: weekend where I was just absolutely choking with laughter side by side
: with people I truly care about. That was the moment Jim. There have been
: hundreds if not thousands of them and thats what made the HBO LANs
: special.

: 10 years ago a friend and I were sitting around and trying to solve the
: boring weekend problem and a random click sent us to the
: website. We found some old dude was having a LAN at his house 40 minutes
: away and decided to go. 11 of us where there that day. That random click
: resulted in a series of experiences that have made such an impact on my
: life I really don't want to imagine what my life would have been like
: without it.

: Thanks to all you LANers, its been a really really special decade.

: -----

: And now some more humorous tales from the past 10 years: - Defending the Hill
: in the Green Room on Lockout. KP was there facing away from me. I say
: "hey KP, turn around", he does and I plant a sticky on his face
: killing us and almost my entire team. It was worth it.

: - During a LAN at my apartment watching my roommate with her hot ass crawl
: under a projector to get to her room.

: - HBOBP is so awesome.

: - CTF on Longest with the entire team marching in a single file. I start
: saying "hut hut hut hut hut" and everybody joins in.

: - Pubechin is teh seks.

: - Singing Ride of the Valkyrie during the offensive start of one flag
: Zanzibar matches with my team with everybody in Vehicles.

: - Hearing Wu scream "Who's killing me, I DONT EVEN HAVE THE
: ODDBALL" during a oddball FFA game.

: - Driving 16 hours with Jynx go to Halo 50k in Atlanta, the first big Halo
: tournament.

: - Waking up to Furhman singing Mudvayne in this beautiful gospel voice.

: - Picking random and insane gametypes which everybody groans about and then
: has fun anyway.

: - Watching Akira in a Subaru doing 90 mph on I95 with Claude, the driver,
: watching.

: - The complete insanity of playing Legendary co-op with Mig. His strategy

: - pR@ncer!11

: - Lighting the inside of Wu's grill on fire with Stuntmutt. Oops.

: - Out pistoling Juggler. I swear it happened once.

: - Telling Konrads Mom everything would be ok at one of my LANs for 15 minutes
: and getting mad my beer was getting warm.

: - Many many others.

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All really special decade. Sorta Alls Well Writeunof 5/27/11 2:26 p.m.
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