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Lebanon (Unedited)
Posted By: Hive <>Date: 3/17/11 8:24 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Notable interaction (Lord Friendship)

UNSC Lebanon

To this day, the UNSC Lebanon serves as a reminder that the worst-case scenario often won't be as bad as the real thing. It serves as a reminder of protocol, inspection and, most importantly, duty.

The UNSC Lebanon finished its construction in 2364. It's purpose was to scout out planets for terraforming and to provide support for colony ships. It was technically listed as a military ship, built and crewed to deal with possible uprisings on top of its support duties.

Considered at the time to be a star example of the UNSC technical abilities, the UNSC Lebanon was the first to use several then-new technologies. An experimental Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine (which would, ironically enough, become the basis for the first saddle box), a Gibbons Fusion Reactor, a Sigma Industries Fox II Ram Scoop, a Sigma Industries Skimmer Atmospheric Scoop, a new type of single-man cryo-chamber produced by RS Designs, and a new design of AI.

It would be well known for engaging in as many military actions as exploratory missions during its time in service – three each. This all came to an end in 2382, when the last garbled message was received from it.

However, the strange tale of the UNSC Lebanon does not end there. Over the next two centuries, a ship matching the UNSC Lebanon's profile was reported numerous times. Each time it would stay just long enough to receive handshake protocols before engaging its FK Drive. It soon took a legendary status, akin to the legendary Flying Dutchman. Viewed an ill omen amongst the stars, many believed that if the ship was spotted, bad luck was soon to follow.

In 2574, however, the UNSC Lebanon was discovered orbiting gas giant G961, “Poppy.” Its atmospheric scoop had become damaged, leading to a lack of fuel for its fusion reactor. Failing to respond to hails, the UNSC Double Stuff docked with the ship, finally learning its fate.

On February 18, 2382, the first signs began to appear that the AI was suffering from a severe programming fault. It began to register no changes in functionality of some systems even when they had been taken offline. Simultaneously, several crew members began to have mild hallucinations, feelings of anxiety, and headaches. This was linked to a mutation that was spreading through the ship's organic air scrubbers.

Instead of assigning all non-essential personnel to cryo-chambers, Captain Lawrence Fischer ordered more personnel taken out of cryo in order to keep the peace. It is suspected that he may have been suffering from the effects of the tainted air himself.

On February 20, 2382, the fist bout of violence broke out over CN Ferguson dropping a tray and spilling food onto the foot of CN Gibson. This acted as a spark, igniting violence all over the ship. This only increased the rate at which the air became tainted, increasing irrational actions.

It was during this time that the faults within the AI became more apparent. It passed orders to bring all crew out of cryo-chambers without the orders of Captain Fischer. Though this order was not completely carried out due to infighting in the cryo bays, it still added to the already increasing violence.

This is not to say that some soldiers didn't stand up and perform their duty to the UNSC. Some tried to maintain the peace, to keep the ship under control and in good repair, and to protect their crewmen. One soldier, CA David Raschad, manually ejected crew members in their cryo-chambers, despite being repeatedly attacked.

However, even this was to no avail. Eventually the crew fought themselves to near-death. The poisoned air finished the job.

The AI then updated the navigational protocols, programming a random series of jumps before it finally degraded to the point of being unable to control itself. This caused the Lebanon Phenomenon of legend.

Armed with this knowledge, the UNSC reported to the Amur system, where the Lebanon was known to have ejected the crew that were in cryo-chambers. Though almost all were recovered, most having made a soft landing on the moon Weyland of the planet Klightus, of those recovered 22% had been exposed to vacuum, solar radiation, or other considerations which made their resuscitation impossible. Of those who were able to be resuscitated, all currently are leading lives today, having been granted considerable reimbursement by the UNSC.

In 2602 the Elliot Duncan, CEO of Happenstance Inc, funded an expedition to the Amur system to locate the only cryo-chamber that went unrecovered. After three months of searching, they located it in a decaying orbit around the gas giant Shore despite the fact that his cryo-chamber's beacon was unpowered. They delivered it back to the UNSC to a great deal of fanfare, paying for the costly procedures to resuscitate Crewman's Assistant Raschad.

By the end of the year, he was walking once again. CA Raschad decided to stay with the UNSC, and was promoted immediately. He was also presented with the UNSC Medal of Valor for his actions, not only ensuring that the rest of the crew would be saved, but also for only engaging in combat when attacked himself.

With this, finally, the chapter of the UNSC Lebanon closes. The tragic loss of her crew will be forever mourned within the UNSC. The valiant heroism of those who survived will be forever lauded as true patriots, even in the face of crippling madness.

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