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Service Record, condensed, highlights
Posted By: Hive <>Date: 3/17/11 8:20 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Notable interaction (Lord Friendship)

Raschad, David
Service Number: 264-73-21
Height: 193.04 cm
Weight: 96.16 kg
Date of Birth: 10/20/2357
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA, Earth
Next of Kin: None
Current Rank: Crewman
Certifications: BU, CE, EA, EM, ET, EVA, HT, IT, MM, MR, SV, SW

2375: Recruited.
2375: Attended MM AIT at Wentworth Naval Technical School (Exo).
2376: Graduated top of his class.
2376: Assigned to UNSC Lebanon.
2380: Promoted to Crewman's Assistant.
2382: Participated in Lebanon Incident. 43 confirmed kills, 56 confirmed assists, 87 unconfirmed. Acted only in self-defense. Secured unconscious crewmembers in cryo-chambers. Manually set distress beacons to activate six weeks after ejection. Ejected all crew members in cryo-chambers. Manually set his own cryo-chamber. Did not set distress beacon to activate. Programmed his own ejection without AI assistance. Put himself into cryo-stasis.
2602: Cryo-chamber recovered.
2602: Resuscitated successfully on Valor. Received flash-cloned heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, bladder, spleen, pancreas, trachea, and eyes. Suffers from numbness to 60% of his body. Extreme mental distress, acute hallucinations.
2602: Granted Purple Heart, Medal of Valor.
2602: Granted full back-pay.
2603: Responds well to treatment. Mild hallucinations.
2603: Released from Guardian Veteran's Hospital on outpatient basis. Takes up residence on-base.
2604: Inadvertent participation in OPERATION: ZULU PREPAREDNESS. Captures Orion M527. Alerts chain of command as to “attack” on base by “hostiles.”
2604: Receives commendation based on M527's report.
2604: [REDACTED]
2605: [REDACTED]
2605: [REDACTED]
2605: Deemed fit for active duty on a UNSC non-combat vessel.
2605: Promoted to Crewman based on actions aboard Lebanon.
2605: Memorandum against future promotions filed. Reason: Due to mental stress, is not fit for higher levels of promotion.
2605: Captain Muller refuses CN Raschad based on history.
2606: Captain Moss refuses CN Raschad based on history.
2606: CN Raschad assigned to UNSC Theseus.
2608: Recommended for promotion by XO McAllister, Eva.
2608: Recommended for promotion by XO McAllister, Eva.
2609: Recommended for promotion by XO McAllister, Eva.
2610: Recommended for promotion by XO McAllister, Eva.
2610: Recommended for promotion by XO McAllister, Eva.
2611: Recommended for promotion by XO McAllister, Eva.
2612: Recommended for promotion by XO McAllister, Eva.

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