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Notable interaction
Posted By: Hive <>Date: 3/16/11 8:56 p.m.

In Response To: Christmas (ISitInA)

Bzzt! Captain, you asked that I keep an eye on interactions between CN Raschad and PO3 Wolfe. I have observed the following interaction. I have also continued the transcript slightly beyond. I thought you might find it enlightening.

Bzzt! He seems to have performed similar interactions with two other crew members. They responded with shock, but not the same follow-up that PO3 Wolfe had.

bzzt! I have applied your personal language filters.

Raschad: Psst. Wolfman. C'mere.
Wolfe: What do you want, David?
Raschad: I got something. Come on.
(Pause, 22.1 seconds)
Wolfe: I swear, if I have to deal with people talking about you and me making out...
Raschad: Here. (Pause, 1.1 seconds) Don't ask, just drink.
(Pause, 8.2 seconds)
Wolfe: (Coughing) Whiskey? How the hell...
Raschad: Didn't I say not to ask? Here, don't hog it.
Wolfe: I'm starting to think you get preferential treatment. (Pause, 1.7 seconds) Oh, hell...
Raschad: It's not like that. Whatever you're thinking it... The Captain and McAllister... I think they feel sorry for me.
Wolfe: Sorry?
Raschad: This... This is my second ship.
(Pause, 2.5 seconds)
Wolfe: (Cautious) What was your first?
Raschad: (Flatly) The UNSC Lebanon.
(Pause, 7.3 seconds)
Wolfe: (Shocked) I... I didn't know. I mean, I heard that they found a few survivors, but...
Raschad: (Distantly) Yeah, not until after the war. Bout ten back. I got lucky, before things went to hell some of us loaded back into the freezers to preserve O2. From what I'm told, a few days later a friend manually soft ejected us. I made a soft splash on a dust sea on Weyland. The others? Not so lucky. Only pulled one other out of my group. The others got cracked or never made it within the magnetosphere.
Wolfe: I don't know what to say. (Pause, 2.1 seconds) I don't think that I wouldn't have gotten on another ship.
Raschad: (Laughs bitterly) What else was I supposed to do? It's been a long time. We're approaching the big two-five-zero. Family, friends all gone. I just asked that this time, they watch themselves. Doublecheck the AI of any ship I got put on, make regular checks for mutations in the air recyc systems. The Cap agreed almost before I finished, made sure that it was good and official before I even left the room. At least this way, when I retire, I'm going to have one huge package waiting for me. Might even opt-in for first colonization rights with a huge track of land.
Wolfe: Why didn't you tell me?
Raschad: Because of BLAM like this. I wasn't one of the first found, and the rest of us... We kept in touch. They said that they got a lot of flack about being cursed whenever something went wrong. (Pause, 1.2 seconds) Lemmie get another slug.
Wolfe: No wonder you don't like to... This explains so much, David.
(Pause, 3.5 seconds)
(Creaking noise)
Raschad: Just bulkheads. Since we're all in here, they turned down the LS in the outer sections. Heating up from the ejection, cool from the inside, causing-
Wolfe: You're worried we're going to go all scrambled, aren't you?
Raschad: (Dismissively) I don't want to be a... a whiner or anything...
Wolfe: (Amused) David. I'd rather listen to your version of whining than the Carlyle Johnson movie they got playing.
(Pause, 88.9 seconds, indeterminate noises)
Raschad: (Long exhale, quietly) I... I take it that means you forgive me for what I told that Corps?
Wolfe: (Amused, slightly out of breath) No...
Wolfe: (Sultry) But you might be able to work it off.
(Pause, 3.6 seconds, heavy breathing)
Raschad: Later. I... I owe some other people an explanation or two. Apologies. But...
Raschad: (Hesitantly) We're going to be trapped down here a while. Maybe the next time they decide they want to play another BLAM and fart movie, you and I could...
Wolfe: Don't take too long. They're running a marathon.
(Pause, 48.3 seconds)
Raschad: (Woefully) If you weren't listening in...
McAllister: (Over comms, amused) We would have had interference.
Raschad: You might encounter that soon.
McAllister: Why, David, I didn't think you were into girls.
Raschad: (Sighs) When I first came out of the freezer, nothing worked down there. Or if it did, I couldn't feel it. Then after... After I regained feeling in most of my body, either there was too much on my mind or I just didn't think about it. (Pause, 1.1 seconds) I'm going to hit up Welsh, but after that I'm going to need a refill. Then Ives, then... I think I'll call it quits for the day, yeah? Unless you can think of somebody else that falls under the category of likely to wig out.
McAllister: This alone will be enough, David.(Serious) Thank you. I mean it. I'll sneak you a bottle of the good stuff out of the O-Club for this.
Raschad: I don't mind this ma'am. I'd rather have this than people go all fleepa-brained.
McAllister: Then how about a double-wide cot and somewhere private to set it up?
Raschad: Much obliged, ma'am.

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