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Happiness lost
Posted By: ISitInA <>Date: 3/16/11 5:56 p.m.

In Response To: Christmas (ISitInA)

To: Cpt********.1465.UNSC.THESEUS
Classifications: Captain's Eyes Only, Message Archival Allowed, Neural Net Upload Permissions Denied
Attachments: 2 (BallComm24872A, Snippet 4, 44 Mb total)
Subject: Happiness lost


I'm trying to send you what I can before the ejection cuts off your comms for a while. So please pardon the haphazard nature of it all. This will be the last one for a bit, but it was a defining moment for F484. You'll see exactly how defining later. I'm just sorry I'm leaving you something like this to sit and wait on.

Moments of happiness for any Orion are few and far between after they volunteer. PO1 Brooks knew this, and was extremely tactful in informing F484. (I don't care what regulations say, I owe him too much not to call him by name.)

He was a good man. Noble, in his own way, right up until the end. A respected Orion-II with a distinguished record, he virtually clawed his way into training both the IIIs and the IVs. In between training, he volunteered for every mission he could. He was of the belief that only somebody with extensive field experience could accurately train an Orion, an opinion that Section III already shared.

I doubt that his ex-wife and daughter (from before his augmentation) will ever understand why they receive so many Christmas cards.

He spoke with F484 at great length in private before breaking the news to him. After fifteen minutes of dead silence (I'll spare you the video, it's one of the most awkwardly heartbreaking things I've ever seen, the two men sitting there so stoically) he talked F484 into a boxing match. PO1 Brooks suffered rather bad bruising, two broken ribs, a broken nose, a chipped tooth, and a mild concussion from the match. This was with safety gear, I should add. As much as I'd like to say that neither held back, I know from other incidents that it isn't true. I believe it was only F484's so-called “hero worship” of all previous iterations of the Orion program that prevented him from using his full force.

F484's aggression towards known terrorist groups increased over the course of his next three missions. It can be said that he didn't return to his “operational norms” until Kavacha.



P.S. Good luck out there, Captain. Wish me luck, too.

Note by Hive: Captain, I have encountered additional encrypted data within this message. The encryption keys are old enough to be added to my own databanks upon my creation due to our frequent status in the outer regions of humanity's occupied zone, in case we encountered any of the number of missing ships from the war. Below is the unencrypted message.
He would be so proud of you. So very proud.

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