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Re: Update
Posted By: Carver <>Date: 3/16/11 5:22 p.m.

In Response To: Update (Hive)

: Bzzt! Captain, we have three hours before the coronal mass ejection.

: Bzzt! Preparations for the crew considerations are complete. Hold
: rearrangement is complete. While I will not be turning off life support to
: the outer areas, I will be turning it down -- should any radiation make it
: through the hull, it will save us some effort later.

: Bzzt! I have completed the analysis of the planet as best I can. Much of the
: planet is inert, owing most likely to its time as a rogue planet. The core
: is highly active, but stable. It seems to be composed of light metals in a
: liquid state with radioactive materials undergoing fission. Current
: analysis indicates that these alloys appear to be crude superconductors
: when at superheated temperatures. Most interesting. Were it not for the
: fact that they most likely would have to contain radioactive materials to
: maintain this state, the UNSC would be most interested in obtaining
: samples. It is rare to find something that is a superconductor when heated
: as opposed to cooled.

: Bzzt! We are maintaining close position to the planet, less than one mile
: above the peak of the tallest mountain. Within the hour I expect the
: Theseus to achieve proper position to weather the storm.

: bzzt! I've been wanting to say that for years!

: Bzzt! I have taken the liberty of having an area modified to serve as a
: secondary bridge during this time. I believe you will find it
: accomidating.

: bzzt! How did you sleep?

I slept fine, Hive. Thank you. I sent Chair the message over encrypted channels. I merely sent a copy your way. I trust you enough to know your lips are sealed as well as they can be.

Are we sure that the fissile materia in the planet won't react to the plasma eruption? The increased radioactive isotope field density and heat displacement may essentially supercharge the superconductors present in the planet.

And please, lead me to the new bridge.

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