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Re: Captain Sinclair
Posted By: Firemist <>Date: 3/14/11 9:37 p.m.

In Response To: Captain Sinclair (Hive)

: bzzt! We jumped to the Duvall system.

: bzzt! Captain Sinclair was a very by-the-book captain for the most part. Once
: he set down a timetable for a project to be completed, it had to be done
: by that date. Of course, he gave us a month longer than UNSC expectations.
: He once said that only a fool thinks they'll get everything right on the
: first try, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it anyway. He didn't
: mind "horseplay" so long as it didn't affect the timetables or
: violate any regulations. XO Williams wasn't so forgiving of so-called
: horseplay, however. They argued about it regularly. The crew believed that
: if they both agreed that something was uncalled for, you were in for it.
: That said, they were always there for pizza night, serving the pizza for
: the enlisted men. Always with a smile on their faces. Three times a
: mission, they'd hold a pizza night. Captain Sinclair kept a copy of the
: records of all the enlisted men while serving, along with any data I could
: dig up about their personal lives. He'd edit it in advance. As he served
: them, he'd talk to them on a first name basis. It was very popular with
: the crew. Morale was always at a peak after pizza night. The only times
: that it was higher is when we were going into port and they'd get a long
: leave.

: bzzt! When he was promoted, he spent several hours talking to me. He was
: upset that I couldn't feign being drunk. Only five crewmen on the ship,
: preparing me to be retrofitted that day. He had the O-Club to himself. He
: drank with me, insisting that I code up a glass to hold in one of my hands
: so we could be drinking together. Eventually, I even got a bottle made up.
: He really liked that. We spoke about missions, about crewmen. Reminiscing
: about the old times. It was nice.

: bzzt! Captain? When you leave the Theseus, will you do that with me?

I can't really recall much about the Duvall system. Can you refresh my information?

On Captain Sinclair: He sounded like a good man. Wished I've met him.

...If that's your wish then I would be happy to. You've been a good friend Hive. I wish I could serve along side you forever.

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