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Posted By: ISitInA <>Date: 3/14/11 7:11 p.m.

In Response To: DXOP4-G1-RE.K82-7.11-A-C1 (ISitInA)

Subject: Re: DXOP4-G1-RE.K82-7.11-A


You said you wanted to work on bleeding edge projects. This is the downside to that. Try and do as much research as you can in the week before we have to stop the treatments we know about and start these new ones. We can't change that the recruits are getting screwed, but we can minimalize it as much as possible. Forcus on interactions, possible side effects, and long-term effects. In other words, everything. Everybody's all doing it, too, so I'll set up a database so we can compare notes. I've even got Helen and Roland working on it, so we'll see how it goes.

You weren't here for the Orion-III so you aren't familiar with how it goes. Yes the first generation gets the shaft. Something comes from down high that screws up the entire training program, and we're left picking up the pieces. The process will kill some of them, but we'll colect data, analyze and put the results into practice. We'll keep more of them from suffering. By the third generation they'll all breeze through, no problem. The long term affects sadly are usually out of our hands.

As for where it comes from, do you really think that we're the only ones working on this? There's a think tank back on Earth that I know of and a rumor of another that are working in tandem with us. We only have two AIs dedicated to this project. From my undrstanding, they have three SMART AIs putting their runtimes into it.

Do your research and your job, but don't ask too many questions. Just because the spooks are letting you do your job doesn't mean they aren't watching.



Note by Hive: BZZT! Captain, I have encountered encrypted data within this message. The encryption keys are old enough to be added to my own databanks upon my creation due to our frequent status in the outer regions of humanity's occupied zone, in case we encountered any of the number of missing ships from the war. Below is the unencrypted message.
They did care. No matter how it might seem, they tried. They always tried.

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