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Posted By: ISitInA <>Date: 3/14/11 7:10 p.m.

In Response To: It's the little things, don't you think? (ISitInA)

Subject: DXOP4-G1-RE.K82-7.11-A

Have you read this? We're halfway through the training and they're completely revising the therapies. And they're bundling them all under one header too. I thought we had protocols in place for a reason.

I just finished some research. A part of me kept waiting for spooks to bust down my door but I think they've figured out that it's better if we know what we're doing.

Have you looked at some of these? Research first starting in the twentieth century for most of them and some of them haven't even been considered in centuries. What the hell? Some of them even have the same purpose with no hard data that their effects are cumulative.

For example A-769662, GW501516 and SRT1720 all “increase physical endurance.” That's all well fine and dandy but is there any evidence to suggest that they all work in unison let alone with what we've already done?

NP549 increases muscle mass but will it have a negative effect on the treatments we've already given?

FPL 64176, (S)-(-)Sulphiride, N-Cyclopropyl-5-(thiophen-2-yl)isoxazole-3-carboxamide, QS11, Neuropathiazol, TWS119, (S)-(-)-Cotinine and O-1783 all supposedly work to increase cognitive functions with an emphasis on memory. Do they work together? I can't even find any mention of side effects offhand for most of them. And what about DXOP4-G1-R6.S20-5.10? Two of them are already in use with that. But what about the possible interactions with that?

Of course I do agree with Hh-Ag1.5 and (S)-Nitroso-N-acetylpenicillamine. I've said from the start that we should have kept DXOP3-G3-R7.F44-3.28 as part of the treatment program. Increasing blood flow and the introduction of new veins will work on a similar principle. The more oxygen we can get moving through their bodies the better. I just wish that we could have started sooner.

I'm counting six compounds whose only function is to increase body mass and height. Are they forgetting that one of our primary concerns was keeping the addition to their profile to a minimum whenever possible? What about the infiltration teams?

And where the hell did this come from? No one I know seems to know a thing about it.

Note by Hive: BZZT! Captain, I have encountered additional encrypted data within this message. The encryption keys are old enough to be added to my own databanks upon my creation due to our frequent status in the outer regions of humanity's occupied zone, in case we encountered any of the number of missing ships from the war. Below is the unencrypted message.
Less than anticipated, but more than desired. How did you handle it all? Was it stubbornness, or destiny?

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