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Re: The A.R.G summary
Posted By: ErrantVagrantDate: 3/11/11 9:21 a.m.

In Response To: The A.R.G summary (jo)

A lot of us first time posters popping up. I'd count myself among them if this weren't my second post. Are the PMs crawling out of the woodwork to poke at us?

Anyway, I decided to come up with a timeline for things with a few other salient facts. I'll try to keep my own personal interpertations to a minimum.

?: F484 is recruited by ONI for a special project despite his young age. During the interview, F484 asks if he is to be involved in "Orion," to which the agent gives a "cannot confirm or deny" response. The agent meets with his family and seems surprised; he asks his superior if he is being "obfuscated." The superior (BALL) replies that F484 is to be moved from "canidate" to "recruit."
?: F484 undergoes an extensive augmentation process with many possible side effects. It is unknown how effective these were.
?: A researcher/trainer comments about how unattractive the recruits are for the program. Agents discuss his possibility as a weak link. BALL repremands them for their "personal communication" but agrees with their negative views of the researchers/trainers.
?: F484, now apparently within the program, answers questions posed by a woman. (Myung.) He explains that he has a tendancy to wander off and discover something important. (404) When asked if there was a F404, he replies that there used to be, but that he didn't graduate. He cuts his explination short, however, saying "And I've said too much again." He seems bland throughout the conversation.

03/05/2612 (Approx): A pair of EOD-trained personel (their branch is still being debated) investigate an explosion aboard the UNSC Theseus that resulted in the loss of two crewmen. (One seems to be on the radio communicating to the other.) Video is not operational, and though radio appears to be working, the audio recording is corrupted. PFC Daniel Gallegos finds a datapad with what appears to be a serial number for F484. They bring it to the captain's attention.

At some point during this time, the captain sends this information back to HIGHCOM requesting information. His request is denied. His rebuttal is apparently well-written, but ignored. The captain seems to be getting less sleep.

03/05/2612 (Though I personally suspect this to be an error on the author's part and they meant 03/09/2612): An ONI operative named Chair contacts the captain, offering him information. However, she cannot offer it all at once and must send only small snippits. Attached is a log of the interview/recruitment of F484.

The ship's AI, Hive, is asked many questions by the captain. Hive begins to fret over the captain, suggesting he get sleep and switch to decaf. He makes an unofficial warning to the captain that the captain is acting unusual, making a threat to have a doctor releave him of command and begging him to get some sleep.

The captain's sleep is apparently interrupted by a crewman trapped in an airlock that is opened to space.


The captain recieves a surprisingly fast reply by Chair offering her condolances. We find out that Fortuna is where she's bouncing her transmissions off of; its relation to our position (and if it's a planet or system) is unknown. She also updates him that a Prowler has been dispatched to him with orders to only observe.

Hive delivers his report on the situation. Suspecting possible insurrectionist activities, he initiates Rolenc Protocol VI (taking stock of all weapons and ammo) and Mason Protocol XII (a full scan of himself). Given previous conversations, it seems that this will take quite some time.

Hive reports that morale is low, though CN Raschad is attempting to help. Food on the ship is good, as is air, giving them 6 months operation time. He detects no spatial anomolies. He expresses difficulties due to his systems check and apologizes for his lag.

Hive passes along information that seems to match the canon for the Orion program to some extent, but announces that he has to inform XO McAllister of the line of questioning. He mentions that the previous captain was Captain Sinclair. His letters begin to drift apart, and he announces that the scan of sections of legacy code causes himself physical pain, an experience that is apparently alien to him.

Hive informs the captain that he is an AI built from a smart AI who has reached "the end of their operational lifespan," and insists that this is different from the end of their "computational lifespan."

Hive announces that CN Raschad's files are locked and can only be accessed for a one time viewing by two of the senior staff. This is punctuated by a conversation between CN Raschad and PO3 Samantha Wolfe. Raschad complains about some tools not being secured properly and says that Matthews is going to "get the mast."

Hive announces a spatial anomoly that has a 93% chance of being nothing and a 7% chance of being a slipspace anomoly.


Chair apparently uploads and sends the wrong file with no subject or message depicting the conversation between Miyung and F484.

Hive has no data about the profiles of Prowlers coming out of slipspace in his databanks, and launches a probe to investigate the area that it happened in.

XO McAllister expresses her displeasure in being asked to sign off on looking at CN Raschad's files.

XO McAllister's bad attitude is revealed to be because two crewmen (Welsh and Jackson) ran from their duty. When asked why, they respond that they saw somebody in "Kavacha" armor. The person appeared to be two dimensional. When it looked at them, they ran. They described it as beat up and "More scorched than green". McAllister orders them to the med bay.

Hive says that Kavacha armor was used by Orions and developed during the Orion-IV program. He reveals that there have always been rumors that the ship has been haunted.


Player Character

Captain: The Captain has yet to be named, and no gender-specific terms have been applied. Before the game began, s/he had not lost anyone under his command. It is implied that he has not been sleeping well since, has been drinking a lot of coffee, and has had a nightcap before bed. He seems to be well-liked by Hive, who calls him his "favorite captain." It is revealed that he is not the first captain of the UNSC Theseus, with at least one other (Captain Sinclair) having come before him.

Interactive Characters

Chair: Chair is a female operative of ONI. Her position, and what Section she works for, are unknown. She seems to have a lot of knowledge of F484. She has said very little about herself, not wishing to draw attention. She passes on information to the captain. Her motives are unknown. Despite her name and her email (i sit in a wooden), she seems to hold people who are desk jockeys in distain, hinting that she may be (or have been) a field agent.

Hive: The AI for the UNSC Theseus. As a class C AI he was constructed from a smart AI. Seems to worry about the captain and has called him his favorite. Begins each paragraph with "BZZT!" "Bzzt!" or "bzzt!" All his text seems to be in bold. He is currently scanning himself as per emergency protocol. He has "legacy code" that appears to cause him physical pain when scanned. If this means scannning portions of his crystal matrix or digital code is unclear at this time. He tends to get excited and apologize a lot. His avatar is unknown, but likely has to do with either his name or the Spacebees. He tends to repeat a mantra about he is nothing with his bees (the crew)

Observational Characters

XO McAllister
McAllister is the executive officer aboard the Theseus. Little is known about her. She has only been seen chewing out two crewmen for direlection of duty (and sending them to medical when she hears the reason why) and snapping at the captain to come to her personally if he wanted to see CN Raschad's files. She has written an unofficial guide to the Theseus.

CN David Raschad
Little is known about Raschad. He seems to have a memorandum against promotion and has his files locked, only able to be unlocked by two members of the senior staff. He seems to be good for the crew, working to improve morale. He also seems to be good at operating without an AI. He works on the construction of the station.

PO3 Samantha Wolfe
Little is known about Wolfe. She was seen conversing with Raschad.

Gallegos appears to be either Army or Marines and trained in EOD. He investigates the explosion, and discovers the datapad that leads to the investigation into F484.

Teboe appears to have been on the radio with Gallegos. When Gallegos finds the datapad, he insists they take it to the captain. He mentions looking into more EOD to defrost.

Little is known about Welsh. He saw a two dimensional figure which appeared to be in Kavacha armor with Jackson. Last seen being sent to medical.

Little is known about Jackson. He saw a two dimensional figure which appeared to be in Kavacha armor with Welsh. Last seen being sent to medical.

If I missed anything, let me know.

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