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Re: Speaking Of H2V...
Posted By: Stephen L. (SoundEffect) <>Date: 2/3/11 8:23 a.m.

In Response To: Speaking Of H2V... (Morpheus)

: Where's Medusa?

: I don't know if you guys remember that, but the Halo:CE Dev Mode had a bunch
: of scripted cheats that made Campaign SO much fun.

: A lot of times(especially during blackouts), I'd play H1 Dev on my laptop.
: The SECOND the game started, I'd put on Medusa and usually on Legendary.
: If I want a little giggle or to finish the game quicker, I use 'game_speed
: bat-$%*@ ^ %^*&-ing crazy'.

: I just thought it was the coolest/funniest/awesome-est thing ever to walk out
: into HUMONGOUS battles like in AOTCR(underneath the double bridge) with
: Active Camo. There's a whole bunch of Marines and DOZENS of Covenant,
: several Ghosts, a Banshee, all that good stuff.

: I walk out into the middle of the field and fire my pistol ONCE, and
: everyone(except the Marines, of course) falls dead to the ground
: instantaneously!

: You have NO idea how awesome it is to walk through the Library on Legendary
: with no deaths and 0 shots! Flood literally dying mid-lunge, the
: rocket-carrying bastards you fear so much just fall right over at the
: sight of you!

: So friggin' awesome.

: So how come we don't have that for Halo 2 Vista? I mean, I've seen a couple
: of Dev modes and such, but none of them mention it anywhere. All this talk
: of code viewing and changing, I mean there's GOTTA be a way to make that
: real! I mean honestly, if that was the last thing ever done to H2V, I'd be
: happy.

: ...that, and a badass Skull Activation mod using the Function keys. ;-)

: So, is that real? Can we do that?

: ...(whispers)can someone do that for me?

I recall doing that in Halo PC as well. My fav times were rescuing Johnson's squad at the first beam tower and having a single pistol shot take a Spirit dropship out of the sky, the bodies of those it carried raining to the ground, deceased. The dropship would slowly settle at an odd angle against a tall tree. So awesome. I remember the Medusa command as well. I can't say I've done the same with H2V but if you find such a command, let me know!

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