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Re: Halo 2 Skull: That's Just...Wrong
Posted By: FyreWulff <>Date: 2/2/11 1:45 p.m.

In Response To: Halo 2 Skull: That's Just...Wrong (kornman00)

: SPOILZ!!!1 Relax, I'm just making a CORRECTION to an egg ALREADY found:
: . And actually,
: this time it is the game code, not the game scripts. Now that we've got
: that out of the way...

: While I was working on some stuff, I found myself in the code which deals
: with the "Artificial" skull (which is named "That's
: Just...Wrong" in the game data). I noticed that all it really does is
: override the sound volume (to be "loud", the second loudest
: sound volume an object can produce) of all target objects
: ("props") an AI can consider.

: So for example, the player's biped definition has a sound volume of
: "silent". Well, in the AI logic of the engine, this TJW skull
: will cause the player biped to always be perceived as making loud noises
: . The same goes for any other biped\vehicle (eg, the Ghost has a
: "medium" sound volume but with this it would now be perceived as
: a "loud" sound).

: I'm not sure who deduced (or how) all the other information (this skull
: wouldn't cause them to have better aim) that's on the wiki article, but
: that's the only game logic tweaking that it does; forcing all AI target
: perception to be seen as loud objects. I just thought I'd drop this nugget
: of information in case any of the halopedian editors wanted to update the
: entry (and have citation).

That's Just Wrong is also supposed to be the missing skull from the Halo 3 Skulls menu from what I remember.

fyrewulff dot com

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