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Halo 2 Skull: That's Just...Wrong
Posted By: kornman00 <>Date: 2/2/11 1:35 p.m.

OH NOEZ, HE'S LOOKING AT THE GAME CODE AGAIN! HE'S HERE TO SPOIL OUR SPOILZ!!!1 Relax, I'm just making a CORRECTION to an egg ALREADY found: And actually, this time it is the game code, not the game scripts. Now that we've got that out of the way...

While I was working on some stuff, I found myself in the code which deals with the "Artificial" skull (which is named "That's Just...Wrong" in the game data). I noticed that all it really does is override the sound volume (to be "loud", the second loudest sound volume an object can produce) of all target objects ("props") an AI can consider.

So for example, the player's biped definition has a sound volume of "silent". Well, in the AI logic of the engine, this TJW skull will cause the player biped to always be perceived as making loud noises. The same goes for any other biped\vehicle (eg, the Ghost has a "medium" sound volume but with this it would now be perceived as a "loud" sound).

I'm not sure who deduced (or how) all the other information (this skull wouldn't cause them to have better aim) that's on the wiki article, but that's the only game logic tweaking that it does; forcing all AI target perception to be seen as loud objects. I just thought I'd drop this nugget of information in case any of the halopedian editors wanted to update the entry (and have citation).


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Halo 2 Skull: That's Just...Wrongkornman00 2/2/11 1:35 p.m.
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