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Re: Halo Concept Art
Posted By: Hawaiian PigDate: 1/22/11 2:02 a.m.

In Response To: Halo Concept Art (imperial181)

Holy moly, this dude knows what I wanted the last level of Halo 3 to look like


Forerunner steel meets dirt.

Metal meets rock.

I was always really disappointed with the freakin' ugly as heck tiles in that last level. It looked like a bsp plane some guy just moved some vertices on at the last minute. It felt like I was suddenly driving through an arcade style space invaders game or something. I was fully expecting 8-bit music to start playing.

Leading up to that level, as soon as the Halo was revealed, I was really expecting some crazy "inclement" weather, and a general apocalyptic looking landscape that reveals familiar but unfinished Halo guts.

You know like, half mountain, half steel stuff, driving past structures we might recognize from Halo 1 like Beam towers and the like.

I once attempted to illustrate this but I never could finish it.

What takes Isaac 2-6 hours takes me days. I don't freakin' know how artists like him do it.

Here's that sad attempt I was talking about that I left mostly un-done:

The idea was to later add patches of different weather in different areas and to have a hog blazin' down that slope in the foreground.

Oh well! Isaac's got my back in the "vision"

*gazes listfully at that wicked busted/unfinished bridge in-front of the control room*

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