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Experimental Film Inspired by Halo
Posted By: Davis Beutler <>Date: 1/2/11 12:41 a.m.

This was my submission for my Uni's Experimental Film assignment.

I was quite pleased with this one, I set out to create a highly visual piece inspired by both the likes of T.S. Eliots The Hollow Men which is an incredible piece of narrative work and as well Halo 3, mainly the verse of the Gravemind.

I filmed this in a dark room, with the Camera's shutter speed really low, at half a second If I remember correctly. Using these little LED lights, I then filmed a strobing effect of my face, blinking and having my eyes move around and such. In After Effects, using masks, gave the effect of me having hollow holes.

The audio contains excerpts from a few different sources, namely all Halo based. (of course)

The reversed message from Black Tower Excerpt from The Covenant (H3 OST)
Overcome Excerpt from The Ark (H3 OST)
No More Dead Hero's Excerpt from Cortana (H3 OST)
and the choral scream from Subsume Excerpt from Epilogue (H2 V2 OST)

The speech is a combination of two things, The first few lines of the Cortana Letters and The Hollow Men.

Anyway, enjoy, this is one of my best pieces so id love to get some comments/critiques!

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