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Halo Screenshot Extractor: Update 1.3.1
Posted By: HaLo2FrEeEk <>Date: 5/20/10 8:35 a.m.

If you haven't read or seen my original thread about my Halo Screenshot Extractor program, look no further:

Now that you've read that, I'll explain the updates I've made thus far, by version:

I fixed an known bug that happened when batch opening files from any of the 3 different games together (so opening Halo 3 and Reach Beta files together, for example.) Basically the way I was determining what game the files was from only carried as far as the display list, but when you went to save the files, whatever game the last item in the list was from, was what all the screenshots would be prefixed with. This meant that if you opened Halo 3 and Halo Reach screenshots together and a Reach screenshot was the last item in the list, all the screenshots (including the Halo 3 ones) would be prefixed with reach_. This is now fixed and the files prefix properly.

I also changed the layout and text in the status bar. One of my testers said that it was confusing how it said "Waiting for files..." with the progress bar, he thought it was trying to do something, so I changed the text to "Click File > Open Single or Batch to begin" and hid theprogress bar until a batch operation happens, then it reappears.

I improved the way I was storing the data about each screenshot. When I started I never intended to get as much information as I ended up getting, so I was storing everything in 6 individual arrays, which eventually got very messy and sluggish. Iupdated this, using a class that I wrote specifically to store this information in a much cleaner way that also uses less memory and is faster (though in this application it's a matter of milliseconds.)

I also started grabbing the date that the file was created and sorting items by that date, so they would appear in the order they were taken, starting from the oldest.

First, when you're batch processing images, the Save menu items are enabled, however if you click File > Batch and cancel the folder browser, the Save menu items will be disabled. This is fixed (as far as I know I caught all instances of the bug.)

Next, when I implemented the sort-by-date feature, I forgot to tell the preview methods to reference the sorted list, so double clicking an image gave you the wrong preview. This is fixed.

Also caused by the sort-by-date feature, I also forgot to tell the save all method to reference the sorted list, so images were saved totally out of order. This is fixed.

While I was testing my update feature (which Ido every time I put out an update), I noticed that although the server-side update file was set to 1.3.1, the program still reported that the update was 1.3.0. I found the error (read: programmer-error) that was causing this and fixed it. If you downloaded any version before 1.3.1 please take note of this and know that when you download the update from the menu, you WILL be getting 1.3.1 even though the dialog says 1.3.0. If you download from the link below you won't have to worry about it as it's been squashed.

Finally, a very small "feature," if you could call it that, I added the version number to the title bar. This will let you know at a glance which version you're using. This is why I incremented the revision number as well as the minor version number.

As usual, simply click "Update" in the "More" menu to download the update, or click the link below.

Halo Screenshot Extractor 1.3.1

If anyone finds any other bugs or inconsistencies, please let me know and I'll fix them at the first opportunity I get, I'd really like to make this into something really useful.

- Drag n' Drop, allowing you to simply drag a file, folder, or a collection of files directly into the program window for processing. Dragging a single file will have the same effect as clicking File > Open Single. Dragging a folder or collection of files will have the same result as clicking File > Batch.
- Read directly from the Xbox 360 harddrive, saving the step of copying the files to your computer.
- Implement the "Save Selected" feature.
- Save image from preview window, essentially doing what Open Single would do, but during batch processing.
- Exclude/remove files from batch processing. Say you've got 100 files in your list, but you only want 95 of them, you don't want to select 95 files and click Save Selected, you'd rather select 5 files and remove them from the list.

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