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Re: The Package
Posted By: FrankieDate: 12/5/09 11:03 a.m.

In Response To: Re: The Package (Archilen)

: Have to say this is the best one so far. Really diggin' the action. Minor
: gripe; I thought Prowlers had photoreactive panels for camouflage, instead
: of a some kind of cloaking field like shown in the episode. And again,
: we've got two new expendable Spartans. But i like how you get to see
: familiar characters from the books. Just wondering, how many new Spartans
: are there gonna be?

: Also, i'd love to know when and where does this take place. I consider this
: to be a common problem with Halo media (also Halo 3): not enough
: background info is provided. I'd like to see time, date, and location in
: the beginning, like in the books. Same with the Babysitter. It's really
: minor, but it does help.

: Also, IT'S A TRAP!

It's not a Prowler...

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