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Bad Cyborg movies!
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 9/20/09 12:38 p.m.

Yes it's true. After more than five years without so much as a single stinkin' screenshot on its pages, Bad Cyborg is going into the movie business. Starting with this first offering of two rockslide megabattles, I expect to produce a steady stream of movies illustrating the novel campaign fun I've been detailing over the years. My biggest focus will be on H1 but I also plan to cover H3.

I'm hugely grateful to Louis for agreeing to host the movie files and to encode things into the multiple versions you'll be able to access. For each movie, you'll be able to view a Flash version or download higher quality versions. You can do this either at Bad Cyborg - where you'll also find full movie details and fun-filled written commentary - or at the new section of HBO Louis has set up. For easy reference I'll be naming movies simply as BCM1, BCM2 etc, with BCM standing for Bad Cyborg Movie. Or possibly Bogus Covie Mojo if you prefer.

Bad Cyborg was originally created to document the rockslide megabattle, so I thought I'd start off with a couple of plays of it using my two favourite battle plans. For fun at the plateau with extra Marines thrown in for good measure, you want BCM1. Go HERE at Bad Cyborg or go HERE at HBO. For needle-enriched carnage you want BCM2 in which I carry out a valiant far area defence with Stacker & Johnson. Go HERE at Bad Cyborg or go HERE at HBO. My H1 movie page is here by the way, and HBO's Bad Cyborg movie area is here.

Pictures too!

Now that I've got the technology, I'm also starting to work my way through the site adding pictures to accompany the traditional wall of text and add a bit of entertainment value. Miguel Chavez will have to read a whole article now; he promised! To start off with I've added 108 pictures to the rockslide megabattle section, covering set-up work, general battle advice, and the far area defence plan featured in BCM2. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

Site makeover and new content

I'll quickly mention two other developments. Firstly I've given the site a makeover, so it should look nicer (but probably best if you're using Firefox or Safari, partly because they'll show all the nice rounded corners). I even have a proper banner now! Secondly, I've added or modified quite a lot of text throughout the site, but especially in the rockslide megabattle section which I completely overhauled. The most important addition there is a method for setting things up so you not only have the maximum covie count but also all of the non-sniper rockslide Marines (previously I only had advice for getting just one or the other of those two things). That paves the way for having even bigger plateau battles. Another addition is an illustrated section on routes into the rockslide.

Hey, there were 22,885 new messages in the forum since I was last here. Dang, I've got some catching up to do…

Bad Cyborg - Now with movies and pictures!

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