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Operation MC: A Personal Memoir and Plan *longish*
Posted By: ManKittenDate: 11/5/08 11:34 a.m.

I'm gonna bear my soul a little bit here. This won't be my normal "Village Idiot" type post. Hopefully, it could inspire some folks in the same way I was inspired, but also help keep my motivated as I'm looking for people to help keep me on task.

A little over a year ago, I was a pretty unhappy fella. Living the bachelor life, couldn't find a decent job, barely paying my bills etc. I never had a problem meeting girls, but I did have a problem keeping them. Pretty much the only thing that kept me sane, was playing Halo. However, it consumed a large party of my free time. It was a hobby that I enjoyed. The crux was, most people don't understand that video games can be a hobby. So, I would meet new people and they would ask me what I do for fun. My response was usually "aaah you know...hang out, play guitar, whatever." I always felt awkward and uncomfortable saying "I like to play video games, specifically Halo"

Until I met this one girl. She ultimately totally played me big time, but that's not the point :P While we were together for our short time, she did something to get me to open up. I basically told her, that ManKitten was a secret life, and I was somewhat embarrassed of my gamer side. To which she said "Then you are lying to yourself, and everyone else. If you think you're a nerd, SO WHAT!? You gotta own that shit or you're never getting over it."

She was totally right. ManKitten became the personality that started running my life. I got MANKITN on my license plates, I would openly talk about Halo and playing games. And would just in general act silly and not care about others opinions or whether or not I "look cool" Things totally changed for me. Like that episode of Seinfeld where George did the opposite of his instincts.

A month later I had a job interview. I was very relaxed and I answered questions like I never would have before. All because I felt confident. Well, I got the job, and I love it! I also got into a relationship with a girl that I would call my first "serious" relationship. Things didn't work out for us in the end, but I learned a lot from it and very thankful I had that.

"Hey ManKitten, why the heck are you telling us this?" Well, like I said, maybe that can change someone else's attitude as well. BUT I have decided to go through another major change in my life.

Enter- Operation Master Chief

Well, since I have started aforementioned job, I have a gained a bit of weight. My metabolism has slowed down greatly, I'm constantly tired, and starting to get into another unhappy funk due to physical reasons. So, Operation Master Chief is a plan where I intend to....almost literally BE Master Chief.

I plan on starting a diet and exercise regimen today and try my best to get a "Master Chief body" Why do I need a Master Chief body? Because I am also wanting to start a very ambitious goal of making myself a Mjolnir armor suit for Halloween of next year. A suit made of aluminum and steel...literally. Myself and friend fabricated Spartan Armor (the 300 kind) last year for Halloween and they turned out pretty damn awesome, so I would like to try my hand at another project.

So I am telling you, the HBO community, about this because:

1. It will motivate me to carry through with this so I don't look like a douche. Embarrassment from failure is a great motivator.

2. Does anyone have any advice about making a Mjolnir suit? Dos and Don'ts?

3. To show that I AM more than just the Village Idiot :P

One year from now, I'm gonna be a lean buff Mjolnir clad stud!!!!!WHAT WHAT!?

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