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Re: Brain replacement
Posted By: Dantrell <>Date: 9/28/08 4:05 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Brain replacement (Rox)

: I'd think not. It seems like an unnecessary step, as the Flood doesn't mind
: sticking their tentacles into bodies that don't even have heads anymore
: and still manage to make them work. When all you need is the body, there
: seems to be no point in digging into the head and trying to make it tick
: again.

: Unless the Flood specifically want to access some knowledge in that brain...
: Can they do that if it was already dead or does it need to be alive when
: the thought probing process begins, like Keyes?

That's a very good point! I wonder if they're still able to access information in the brain? I think they used this technique to operate machinery, weapons, etc. that the host knew how to operate; for instance, if a human Pelican pilot was infected, that particular Flood may know how to pilot a Pelican.

This raises another interesting question. Once one Flood learns how to do something, is that knowledge instantly accessable to other Flood forms? Maybe before a Gravemind develops, each Flood has to gain knowledge independently; after a Gravemind forms, knowledge becomes part of the Flood's collective conciousness.

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