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Re: Brain replacement
Posted By: kurk <>Date: 9/28/08 7:02 a.m.

In Response To: Brain replacement (Darkendes)

: As I always understood it, I thought they took over the nervous system and
: manipulated the body that way.

: The nervous system would technically still be intact after the life is gone
: out of a body. To put it simply, the Flood are simply like a replacement
: for your brain, which controls all of your actions with tiny electric
: pulses. Flood grab the wheel and, if you're alive, force a hostile
: takeover, then just simply start up your motor functions by, I'm guessing,
: mimicking the same electric pulses your brain used to make.

: Then again I haven't been around for a while, so I don't know if any general
: theories have become widely accepted yet.

It raises an interesting question. Halo: The Flood indicated that if a host is attacked and taken over while still alive, their remain conscious and cognitive while still trapped in their body which is now controlled by the flood. But if an infection form infects a DEAD body and re-animates it, does the host's brain come back to life with it?

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