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Re: A Thought About the Flood
Posted By: NevanDate: 9/27/08 9:16 p.m.

In Response To: A Thought About the Flood (Dantrell)

: I was thinking about the Gravemind and Flood in general today when a thought
: struck me. I've known intellectually that the Flood can reanimate dead
: bodies. I've just never actually thought about it, or realized the full
: importance of it.

: The Flood has the ability to bring organisms back to life! From the dead!
: Golly, that's kind of neat. I wonder if the Forerunner realized this and
: tried to duplicate it? Maybe that's one thing they were studying about the
: Flood - how they brought dead organisms back to life, sans the whole
: zombiefication thing. Would this qualify as a sin (at least in the
: Gravemind's eyes)? He says in Halo 3, "the sins of a father pass on
: to his son." Maybe (one of) the Forerunner's sins was to try and
: cheat death, to live forever.

: Thank you for reading! Any thoughts would be appreciated =)

Maybe instead of trying to duplicate it, the Forerunner inadvertently created The Flood. Imagine a Forerunner scientist powering up his LHC, discovering something great (The key to immortality), creates something really bad (The Flood) by trying to perfect his system, then accidentally destroys an entire civilization. But in this case LHC is a Large Halo Cluster!

Although I'm sure it's not that simplified. I think it is possible the Forerunners made The Flood either intentionally or by mistake. After all, they did build the Halos.

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