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Re: A Thought About the Flood
Posted By: Buttskunk <>Date: 9/27/08 8:21 p.m.

In Response To: A Thought About the Flood (Dantrell)

: I was thinking about the Gravemind and Flood in general today when a thought
: struck me. I've known intellectually that the Flood can reanimate dead
: bodies. I've just never actually thought about it, or realized the full
: importance of it.

: The Flood has the ability to bring organisms back to life! From the dead!
: Golly, that's kind of neat. I wonder if the Forerunner realized this and
: tried to duplicate it? Maybe that's one thing they were studying about the
: Flood - how they brought dead organisms back to life, sans the whole
: zombiefication thing. Would this qualify as a sin (at least in the
: Gravemind's eyes)? He says in Halo 3, "the sins of a father pass on
: to his son." Maybe (one of) the Forerunner's sins was to try and
: cheat death, to live forever.

: Thank you for reading! Any thoughts would be appreciated =)

And their scary too....

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