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Posted By: Firestorm12 <>Date: 8/10/08 4:20 p.m.

Halopen Films has released yet another movie. After over a year of production, "Reality", a...well it doesn't really fit into a genre, is finally here for your enjoyment/loathing. Last week, we release Part 1 which can be found by going here: Today, we released Part 2 which you can view on Halopen's front page at

"Reality" tells the story of Newton Fulton, a good hearted family man who has lived a perfect and tranquil life on the island of Utopia, who awakens to find himself in a harsh, dystopic future. Not only can he not comprehend this new world, but he is savagely pursued (for an reason unknown to him) by the stubborn and aggressive Captain Ackerman. Can Newton stay alive in this new world while attempting to figure out who he really is? Can he do this with Ackerman on his feet and while trying to keep his mind in "Reality"?

If you do happen to enjoy the movie, I recommend you visit the unofficial official "Reality" (shhh, freewebs) site at: Beware of spoilers on the site! Make sure you watch "Reality" all the way through (Part 1 and Part 2).

PS-We are hoping to release both parts of "Reality" with audio commentaries from Firestorm12 and Reclaimer52 on Monday, August, 11 (subject to change). I'll post back on here with links and what not.

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"Reality"Firestorm12 8/10/08 4:20 p.m.
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