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Ghost Recon? HELL YEAH!!
Posted By: UNSC_Trooper <>Date: 7/13/08 4:55 p.m.

In Response To: Gamespot says WHAT? (BlueNinja)

: According to Gamespot, a 'reliable inside source' stated the 'next Halo game
: will be a squad-based, Master Chief-free shooter'. Read the article, and
: prepare for a lot of canon mistakes.


: In any case, I hope we get some news on E3 tomorrow. Can't wait.

What I wouldn't GIVE to see a tactical squad-based Halo game featuring the heart and soul of the UNSC military: The ordinary Marines and Soldiers. Playing as ODST's in tactical engagements against the Covenant? Hell yeah! If this is true, I want to go and shake the hand of the guy that came up with this idea.

Of course, personal preferences demand that this type of Halo game would really be enjoyed by hardcore squad-FPS-Tom Clancy fans.

This is almost too good to be true. Literally, since Bungie sometimes tends to drift the fans off-road.

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