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Re: Gamespot says WHAT?
Posted By: WortroW <>Date: 7/13/08 4:37 p.m.

In Response To: Gamespot says WHAT? (BlueNinja)

Normally I'm all for "darker and grittier", but anytime someone describes Halo as "cartoony" my head wants to explode. The way people talk, it's as if anything these days that dares show a little bit of colour suddenly becomes some kind of Looney Tunes adventure. The vibrant colour of the Halo universe is part of what makes it so awesome; every environment and character really feels alive and it's a joy to take it all in. I mean, there's stuff like the new Battlestar Galactica where a lack of colour is intentional and it fits the story and the world it's set in perfectly, but to me that's not Halo. There is such a thing as too much realism, and if they go too far that route Halo could lose something.

That is of course assuming that anything about that rumor is true, I mean I can get behind some kind of tactical shooter as long as it doesn't get over-complicated and boring.

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