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Re: And did you notice that... *SP*
Posted By: Eric Trautmann <>Date: 11/8/01 8:57 p.m.

In Response To: And did you notice that... *SP* (Chanan)

: This is a a *SPOILER* From the Book and Intro movie!

: Doesn't seem odd that Cortana seems to lie to captin keyes in the intro
: movie. Doesn't she imply in the movie that they got to Halo after a random
: blind jump (following the cole protocol). But if you read the book, she
: did not do a random jump at all! She figured out the clue in the rocks
: that Master Chief found.

That's not completely accurate...she selects a number of "random" routes that fall within the prescribed limits of the Cole Protocol...and one of them seems to be similar to the clue she partially decodes.

She has no idea what it means, but adopts a "what the hell, let's see" attitude, since that location fills the basic parameters she's bound to, per the Cole Protocol.

It isn't a "lie" -- it was just a variable to the equations she ran to pick a new course.

: Also, not only is she lying about it, but think about it - She might have
: placed the PoA in danger by jumping to Halo. She tells Keyes that the Cov.
: might have followed the PoA and beat them to Halo because they are
: faster... Well, who said they didn't already figure out the clue
: themselves and were already there...

Remember, though: she's got a higher priority--the insertion mission. She needs to validate both the Cole Protocol requirements, and her mission parameters for the op with the Master Chief, right? This would appear to kill two birds with one stone, so LOGICALLY... ;D

Eric T.

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