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Hehe, tricky Cortana
Posted By: Djof@School <>Date: 11/7/01 11:05 a.m.

In Response To: And did you notice that... *SP* (Chanan)

How could anyone miss this. This a great "punch". Cortana is not that "strait". "Smart" AIs is a nice word to say "rampant" to me.

As for the part when they say she would die after se7en years, why don't anyone quote the part just after? They say that Cortana is unique in the way she was made, and that maybe she would die... but maybe not!.

I think Bungie is going to re-write the Marathon universe. In a way it's sad (because the general public will forget it), but I think they will make it better and more coherent.

---quote Skeletor----
: And WHY doesn't John-117 salute Captain Keyes on the bridge of the PoA in
: the second Gamespot-released cutscene (halo_xbox_5.mpg) when he does it so
: damn much in the book?!?! IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!
---end of quote----

They just woken from cryo. The travel maybe lasted a week or so, maybe more. He also salute Cortana.

The UESC (United Earth Space Concil) changed (from Marathon to Halo) to the UNSC (United Nations Space Command)

And "ONI"... The "I" stand for "Intelligence" but what about the rest? "N" maybe for "Nations" like in UNSC, and I can't figure the "O"...

"Je me souviens"

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