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full halo review from gamestar -matt please reply!
Posted By: Uriel <>Date: 11/5/01 11:06 a.m.

to put it bluntly: it sucks. here are some of the things i really hated about their review.

1. they say you need only 20 hours to play through. must have been played on grandma mode or they didn't recognize that there's more than one level.

2. they play really bad. never strafe, shoot walls, ground and ceillings, friendly fire, and what not.

3. inside level design sucks, they say but they show no pictures or footage.

4. they tell you the whole fucking story. EVERYTHING.

5. offend bungie.( bungie has stolen from unreal, halflife and has no proper leveldesigner)

6. tell you the developer have no idea of when halo is coming out for pc.

7. they don't know how to write/read names. it's joseph staten, not straten!

general facts:

10 chapters

7 enviroments

9 weapontypes

12 alientypes

5 vehicles

27 multiplayer modes

13 multplayer maps

only one savegame per profile

you can choose the difficulty for every level

pc release:

2 scenarios
1. bungie start conversion in january, no major changes, release in july or august(they don't believe that)
2. the spoke with boris schneider-johne(xbox germany). he said: "a simple conversion is only the dream of the developers. in december, we'll look into which game features are going to be changed. bigger levels, maybe. release date: late fall 2002.


unreal 2
better: better graphics(nah, i played the alpha, it sucks), effects, levels, weapons(nyah, they suck too), enemies(how that?), multiplayer(lol)

as good as halo: animations, AI(rofl), varity of missions, atmosphere, sound, voices

worse: no vehicles, thin story, musik(good work, marty)

duke nukem forever

better: graphics(inside buildings), weapons, level design, fun

as good: special effects, animations, vehicles, ai, varity of missions, plot, varity of enemies, multiplayer, voice effects

worse: graphics(outside), no friendly sidekicks(that's completely wrong as seen in the most recent video), sound effects, vehicle physics

medal of honor


better: graphics(inside buildings), level design(yeah, right), varity of weapons(what do we have here: german pistol, us pistol, german mp, us mp, german sniper, us sniper, you get the point), varity of enemies(german soldier, us soldier, 'nuff said)

as good: enemy ai, vehicles, ai sidekicks, varity of missions, story(i know who's going to win, already), multiplayer, voices, sound effects, music(yeah, right)

worse: grafics(outside), special effects, animations, vehicle physics, music

so, what do you think? and what do YOU think, matt? is it true what this xbox guy said, or is he the one who's dreaming?

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full halo review from gamestar -matt please reply!Uriel 11/5/01 11:06 a.m.
     Gamestar.......must......DIE!!!! *NM*Skeletor 11/5/01 1:46 p.m.
     Re: full halo review from gamestar -matt please reMatt 11/5/01 3:25 p.m.
           Re: full halo review from gamestar -matt please rePet'r Pakr 11/5/01 4:18 p.m.
     Re: full halo review from gamestar -matt please revector40 11/5/01 8:35 p.m.
           how bout if i give you a dollar instead.. *NM*slumbermonkey 11/5/01 10:34 p.m.

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