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You know...
Posted By: Mojo <>Date: 7/21/01 1:09 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Autumn (Joseph)

I had always wondered if PR people just came up with those overly-dramatic, seemingly patriotic speeches on the fly or whether they maticulously poured over the words just to get the right combination. Now I know that they just pull them from their ass ;)

Heh.. j/k of course. But seriously, it seems as if this was not written just for this message but almost as if it was written using these words for the game or for an advertisement or the manual or something. I mean, why write it as if we're the marine other than if it was going to be used for a different purpose? I dunno, it just seemed odd to me.



: To be blunt (and a little cryptic): The Pillar of Autumn is a kilometer of
: hope. The only piece of Halcyon-class hardware between Earth and those
: bastards that want you and billions like you dead.

: Until you turned tail and ran, that is.

: Now it's your Alamo. And your grave. Unless you and this all-too-familiar
: voice in your head can find a way out--down onto that ring beckoning to
: starboard.

: - Joseph

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