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It's Worth Pointing Out...
Posted By: Matt <>Date: 6/15/01 7:08 p.m.

In Response To: Re: aye... total confusion! (Jäger)

: simple story-line, ha!

I think I speak for all of Bungie when I agree with this sentiment. However, it must be remembered that the press hasn't played through the game yet and they don't have a real idea of how things are going to progress. We haven't clued them in on any of the big secrets yet. When they do get the finished game and play through the solo campaign, the people who are expecting a standard, straightforward run-and-gun game with no story will get a couple swift kicks in the nuts, Bungie-style.

So don't hold it against people if they look at the limited story info we've released and and assume it doesn't go any deeper. That's exactly what we want them to think. Those are the people who will be most impressed with what we've done.


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