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Re: aye... total confusion!
Posted By: Kalis <>Date: 6/15/01 5:27 p.m.

In Response To: Re: aye... total confusion! (ApolokiA)

: I think it could be possible.
: Apparently some of the people at EB have been shown Halo using GeForce3 (as
: opposed to the XBox). The person I was talking to (may have been crapping
: on) said it didn't look good on the XBox, but did on PC version.
: So possibly PC version is still there.
: Depends on how close it is to the XBox version, and how much easier it is to
: develop than XBox.
: But... who knows :)

Heh, as has been repeatedly mentioned from Bungie people: They are not working on the PC/Mac versions until they are fully done the XBox version. If they are finished Halo for XBox right now, they might be doing some work on it, but that is pretty damn doubtful.
Also, there is no real way that either PC or Mac would be easier to develop for as opposed to a closed system that has (essentially) the same base dev tools/requirements; ie no transitory phase to get up to speed on different core architectures and dev environments.

Also, the people from EB have been known to be very wrong in the past. I wouldn't believe anything they say.

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