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Re: aye... total confusion!
Posted By: Ape Man <>Date: 6/15/01 2:21 p.m.

In Response To: Re: aye... total confusion! (Jäger)

: wish i had that guy's email adress; i'd give him a peice of my mind. stupid
: critics, they never research what they're talking about, do they? simple
: story-line, ha! and then, they have 48(or was it 43?) pictures of halo.
: almost every single one was repeated, AND from the old build. i think the
: article loses credibility b/c of taht and other contradictions. oh wll, i
: don't feel like wasting time researching a valid argument against him, we
: all know what he did wrong. ;)

: -Jäger

: "The average man learns from his own mistakes, the smart man learns from
: others' mistakes, but a fool doesn't learn."

Stupid press. When they're not being evil and manipulative, they're downright wrong.

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