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Re: This is what i mean plz read
Posted By: GonkmeisterDate: 5/26/01 1:24 p.m.

In Response To: Re: This is what i mean plz read (nexZ)

: Short of Phantasy Star Online (which failed), there has never been a console
: game that was built for online multiplayer. Never.

What's your point? Microsoft knows that they can sell some Xboxes
without having to do any online multiplayer innovation, so you're
not going to get to play multiplayer Halo on your Xbox. Are you
just opposed to online multiplayer for consoles? If so, why?

: And about not being to able to run it: You're a PC gamer, you should be glad
: that you get fucked up the ass in upgrade pricing. Most other PC gamers
: I've talked to about this seem proud that they pay ten times as much as I
: do to play the same games equally well.

Um, unless you're happy playing Pong on a Colecovision, consoles have
to be upgraded too. I paid about $600 - two times, not ten - for my
last PC upgrade, which took me to a 900 Mhz PC133 machine, 30G 100Mhz
drive, and a TNT2 card. Such a machine allows me to play single
player games, multiplayer games, develop software, send and receive
emails, sync with my Palm Pilot, run a web server, an FTP server, a
Quake server, post this message, etc etc blah blah PCs are superior
to consoles nyaa nyaa nyaa. Ack - that'll start a long pointless
thread. Okay, fine, I give up now, I lose - consoles are superior to
PCs in all aspects. Uncle.

The thumbs-down folks here are making some valid points: People
expected Halo for Xbox to be multiplayer, and due to Microsoft's
screwing around, it looks like it won't be, at least for awhile.
When the pressure is placed on Xbox to support TCP/IP multiplayer
because its competition is doing it, then Microsoft will get off
its ass and make it happen. If Microsoft were able to just kill all
other consoles, that is what they'd do instead, and Xbox would never
get enhanced features like networked multiplayer because there'd be
insufficient market pressure to make Microsoft do it. Microsoft is
motivated by a desire to gain market share, period. They aren't
innovating for you - they play technology catch-up when they have to.

Whether you are eager to play on the Xbox or not, I'm certain that
Microsoft's entry into the console world is bad news for console
players. If your point is that Microsoft can gain significant market
share with Xbox without having to do the work to put online multiplayer
into their console, then I couldn't agree with you more. Betcha that's
exactly what they'll do.

Anybody with any knowledge of Microsoft's history could see this - and
other similar issues - coming when Bungie got into bed with Microsoft.
I'm sure that some folks at Bungie aren't happy with the situation,
but hey, they got an infusion of cash that they may have needed to do
the long and costly development slog to get Halo to market on any
platform, and even the most ardent Microsoft-hater can't fault them for
doing what it takes to keep moving forward.

I'm looking forward to Halo for the PC. I sure wish they'd make Christmas,
but I suspect Microsoft doesn't want them to make Christmas. Glad I'm not
a Bungie employee; having my product exploited and my PC market share
damaged to further their stupid Xbox that they won't even get the
networking together for would drive me bonkers.

- Gonky

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