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Re: Day 3 Halo Overload - reminiscences
Posted By: Louis Wu <>Date: 5/21/01 2:41 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Day 3 Halo Overload - reminiscences (Mark Levin)

: This has been discussed before, but can you clarify this: How did you know
: that this was your job? Did Cortana speak to you? Was it obvious from cues
: in the level design? Or did Max just know what to do?

In the area I'm discussing (shown, empty, in the footage, but not shown by anyone in online footage), you knew because you drove into an area full of baddies who immediately started firing at you. :)

Basic common sense, really.

: A jeep and its passengers survive a direct hit from a grenade? Hmm... Was it
: possible to damage or destroy the vehicles (with weapons, as opposed to
: with bad driving)?

Not yet. Bungie employees say that's coming, though.

: By now, the venerable game of FPS CTF has evolved into many variations... How
: complex was Halo's version? Was the scoring simple or complex (i.e. just
: points for capture, or extra consideration for tactically significant
: acts? (I ask because you imply that returning the flag would have altered
: the score)). What was the interface for setting up a multiplayer game
: like, if you saw it?

Sorry, my bad for phrasing it ambiguously. Scoring was pretty basic - bring the flag back to your base, get a point. Kill an opponent carrying your flag, the flag drops where he left it (it actually gets affected by how you kill him - drop a grenade under his feet, the flag will fly away from where he held it, and possibly away from him). You then need to touch it to 'return' it. The opposing team can still pick it up and run with it, though... and if you're running with it, you lose any cloaking you had before, you can't use weapons (unless you happen to jump in the back of a jeep - you can still use the chain gun if you're carrying the flag). You can, however, drop the flag temporarily, use your weapon to clear your path, and pick it back up again, if nobody's touched it yet.

: More random questions: What did the different players look like? How were the
: teams differentiated in-game (in terms of the player's appearance)? Can
: you describe the CTF map in more detail?

They were all standard marines - red team had red marines, blue team had blue marines. Solo player game had green marines. (There was no way to tell individual players apart, unless you put your aiming reticle on them - then their name would appear.)

The CTF map was pretty basic - far less lush than the solo mission maps. No trees, just two bases, separated by a large, rolling expanse, and high cliffs to the side (with a tunnel through one of them).

Bases were identical - floor level entrance was at the front and back, roof access (via ramps) on the sides. The flag was in the center, floor level - accessible via any door. There was extra ammo and weapons in both bases, and a teleporter on the roof that would drop you in the middle of the map. (This was handy if there was no jeep waiting outside to carry you back with the flag...)

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