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Posted By: Visor <>Date: 5/17/01 1:36 a.m.

Words cannot describe the event, but I'll try...

Matt, Dave, Max, Alex (who am I forgetting?) were there to shove Bungie crap in our face for the better part of 3 hours.

Matt Soell dictated a keynote speech describing Bungie's history. If you didn't know, this is Bungie's 10th year anniversary, and we were forced to sing "Happy Birthday" and eat cake.

Then we were subjected to a bad rendition of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and prizes were thrust (Halo shirts, autographed Chris Mullin prints, ...) at contestants plucked out of the audience. Nobody won the grand prize (XBox and a copy of Halo). -- Note, the grand prize was not available today, but would have been given to the winner at the time of release ---

Then we were forced to nibble on pizza and drinks, while subjugated to the frivolous meanderings of Bungie staff walking around aimlessly.

A raffle ensued where they forced upon us numerous trinkets (CD soundtracks, shirts, figurines, and more autographed prints from Chris Mullen).

Then they actually coerced us to view a demo of Halo. It was very similar to the Gamestock video, but you come in on the dropship with many Bobs running around. I'm pretty sure you'll see that from E3 tomorrow, so I won't even go into more detail here.

Then the Coup de Grace. Bungie had the gall to actually make us play the stupid game. I mean, I could probably have found better use of my five minutes than playing a video game! Hell, that's five minutes of my life I'll never get back. I mean, come on, running around with seven other players playing capture the flag? What's up with that? Sure, I got to drive the jeep, man the machine gun in the back of the jeep, throw grenades, etc.

And to top off this burdensome evening, they shoved free E3 tickets down our throats, so that we have to come back and play this game tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. The nerve of these people. That's seven bucks down the tube! I need to see a counselor for this kind of trauma!

Thoughts on the game:

The look function (right analog stick) seemed slow for my liking. But I did notice that the look sensitivity was set to rock bottom (minimum).

Running around seemed slow, or maybe because we were in first person, there didn't seem to be a point of reference to gauge how fast we were moving.

Driving the jeep is damn hard. Shooting the machine gun accurately was even harder. You definately need a good driver to shoot the machine gun well.

The XBox controller felt very comfortable and seemed intuitive to gameplay. The left analog stick controlled movement (forward, backward, strafe left & right). The right analog stick is for looking in all directions. The right trigger was used to fire the Assault Rifle (bullets), and the left trigger was used to throw grenades. (For reference, Playstation buttons L2 and R2 are triggers on the XBox controller - yes, triggers, as in a trigger for a gun) X button was used to get in and out of the jeep. I don't know which other button was used to jump. Note: Someone there took a digital photo of the XBox controller graphic with button explanations.

I didn't notice any lag during multiplayer games (maybe because I was too busy trying to keep my ass from getting shelled or run-over). I did notice some lag during the solo play demonstration, but when he restarted (after dying), I didn't see any lag after that.

Multiplayer Highlights:

My favorite was when my buddy jumped into a jeep as the driver, and another player of the enemy team jumped into the back, manning the machine gun. A hilarious romp through the hills ensued, where my buddy tried to shake that guy out of the back of the jeep. My buddy flipped the jeep over and was trapped underneath (I don't know if he could have gotten out of the jeep or not). Another member of the enemy team walked up and shot him to death. It was a hilarious execution of a hapless jeep driver that was in the wrong at the wrong time. The crowd roared with laughter.

While playing, I came across a jeep that was flipped over. I went to the driver's side and pressed X. I got in and my view immediately went upside down. That was interesting.

Also while playing, I came across a cloaking power-up (during capture the flag). This renders the player cloaked (similar to Predator), but you can see the discharge of weapons from someone who is cloaked. It was just a matter of time, when someone bearing my team's glorious flag was on his merry way back to his base. He walked up to the muzzle of my Assault Rifle and, well, you do the math (Hint: Add 32 bullets to 1 body...what do you get? Answer: Hamburger).

Team play is absolutely awesome, and when good players get together, it will no doubt be a very enjoyable experience. The sense of team play when Halo was unveiled in '99 has been revitalized (at least for me).

In short, Halo has lived up to my expectations and more. There is no way I am not getting an XBox and not getting Halo.

Ok, thanks go to Bungie, Bungie Fan organizers (Freewill, Louis, ...), MS., and everyone else who made the event run smoothly and fun.


PS - I want my seven dollars back!

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