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Straight from the floor of the Fanfest!
Posted By: Butch <>Date: 5/17/01 1:04 a.m.

I have played Halo, and declare it Good(tm)

I hold several nifty records:
A) First person from the general public ever to drive the Warthog.
B) First person from the general public ever to run an enemy over in said Warthog.
C) First person from the general public to kill a teammate.

I'll make this short, then move on into details:
Before, I never really considered buying an X-Box.
Now, I'm going to be waiting first in line.

Quick list of facts I remember right now:
- 4 controllers per x-box, up to 4 xboxes can be connected together through a LAN, for a 16 player game. Bungie has only gotten 3 xbox games working so far, and is working on the fourth.
- The controllers were much better than expected. They obviously take some getting used to, but after spinning out for 2 minutes in the Warthog trying to make it turn, it got fairly easy. Aiming will take more practice, but it does work.
- The game is beautiful beyond belief. The waterfalls and trees are amazing, especially the rays of sunlight coming through the tree branches.
- All of the weapons seem fairly capable of good damage. No UberWeapons jumped right out.
- The other marines sound very much like other expendable good characters we know... **coughbobscough**
- The multiplayer game we were playing was using 2 xdks, playing with 8 players, split 4 to a screen.
- The multiplayer map was standard CTF, 2 small bases, 2 flags, large canyon in between, Warthog starting on each side.
- Warthogs don't care who is driving them, they are not colored for a team. At one time a blue driver was driving around a red rear gunner, and neither of them knew it for awhile.
- Friendly fire from the rear gunner into the back of the drivers head appears to be possible. Watch out (:
- The Warthogs gun is freakishly powerful. But your not going to hit anything at all while it's moving =)
- The solo games are narrated with in game dialog, and your friendly marines are fairly effective it seems. That didn't keep the demo guy from dying several times.

You'll get all the rest of the dirt from others, but this should keep you going for a little while =)

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