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Re: Thanks for playing IRIS and Believe
Posted By: Charley117 <>Date: 12/29/07 12:55 p.m.

In Response To: Thanks for playing IRIS and Believe (AKQA)

: Good morning everyone.

: We just wanted to take a second at the end of the year to thank all of you
: for playing with us this past year. We are AKQA, the agency who worked
: with Bungie to create the IRIS ARG (
: and the Halo 3 BELIEVE experience (

: Our goal through all of this has been to expand the Halo world, making it
: possible for fans to keep playing even when they are not sitting with a
: controller in their hand. And thanks to gamers like you, both of this
: year's efforts turned out to be a huge success. In fact, you may have been
: too good at participating: there were moments back in IRIS where you were
: solving episodes just as fast as we were creating new ones. Your
: speculations were so solid in fact, that we included some of your ideas in
: the next steps of the campaign as well as in the back-story of the Believe
: characters.

: We hope it was as much fun for you to participate as it was for us to create.

: Also - the Halo 3 Believe site is currently up for the Flash Website of the
: year. If you have a moment, please link over there and click VOTE for Halo
: 3:Believe.

: The more people who hear about it, the more people we can get involved in
: Halo 3.

: Thanks for all the excitement, we will see you in multiplayer,

The Believe campaign was amazing, even if the video interviews with veterans did get a little repetitive. They could have done with more imagination and broader plots, rather than the constant retelling of how great 117 is/was. The museum one and the hunted one, for me, really stuck out as fantastic works.

The less said about Iris the better. I don't mean to rain on your parade, you did an admirable job, but I thought it was pretty mediocre in it's storytelling techniques and overall ending... it just kind of fizzled out with no pay-off. ILB was much better, you could learn a thing or two for refining your craft here, not that I could personally do better.

- Charley

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