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Re: teh 1 fo de obvious ;)
Posted By: vshields ash <>Date: 12/20/07 9:15 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Research Paper *long* (Louis Wu)

: I guess I'll have to read the whole thing later... but I had trouble getting
: past the first sentence - Pong hit the scene in 1972, not 1962. With such
: a glaring typo just 2 words into the essay, I ran out of steam. :(

i thought about that on the way to beddy bye... i didn't remember pong in the sixties... but my lil head was so full of Marties abilities, then Quake and Myst music...i falled asleep ;(
( and if ur runnin outta steam in two werdz... Gittin Olde ? :P )

Thankfully, as i lay sleepin in my lil bed, otherz was woikin :)

( now that i think about it, we were doin punchcards in the mid sixties, sans music... well, if you call a punchcard puncher/reader/all that machinery music ;)


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