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Re: Artifact Sizing *Minor H3 Spoilers*
Posted By: ick <>Date: 10/29/07 8:39 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Artifact Sizing *Minor H3 Spoilers* (Omega)

: Those buildings on the far side of the Crater are part of Mombasa, so the
: crater is between Voi and New Mombasa.

: You have to forget about Google Earth on this one. On a current map, a line
: from Kilimanjaro to Mombasa would pass just South of Voi. According to The
: Storm, that line would pass North of Voi (assuming that Kilimanjaro and
: Mombasa haven't moved).

: The signs on Tsavo Highway say that Voi is 17km down the road and New Mombasa
: is 114km down the road. I take this to mean that New Mombasa is 97km from
: Voi, following the Tsavo Highway. You could argue that the highway splits
: and one way goes to Voi and the other to New Mombasa so that the two
: cities might be 131km apart. Either way you look at it, the distance falls
: short of the 147km gap between the cities today.

: In the game there is a lake next to Voi, where no lake exists today (as far
: as I know). As a side note, I wonder if maybe this lake was formed by the
: dam in Sierra 117?

: I don't think it's too difficult to believe that Voi moves a few kilometers
: south in the next 500 years.

Excellent analysis all the way around. A few comments from me.

1. On the road sign differences.....Distance between the cities indicates ROAD MILES. Unlike the detailed structure of roads enjoyed in most of the road...that can be QUITE different from direct distance between two points.

2. On using current city locations to determine distance.....Of course the game calles it "New Mombasa"....and there are no rules on where "NEW" mombassa is relative to present day Mombassa. Silly example? The distance of York from New York.

3. On the ship being "above" the artifact affecting size measurements.....The ships relative position would affect the calculations, but like the original poster says I think the effect would be so much as your number should be accurate to the "tens" digit if not more. The further you get from both the ship and structure....the more the "height" of the ship becomes immaterial.

4. ON a larger concern......The bigger concern I have is the assumption that a covenant battle cruiser is "roughly" the same size as the Pillar of Autumn. You are better served by looking at the "measuring stick" used here than you are the differencial in height between the two objects. This is more important to establish than height above target.

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