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Shotty tale of woe
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 9/2/07 11:03 a.m.

In Response To: First play through H3 Campaign? (was Reunion Tour) (SteelGaribaldi)

: So what are your plans for the first time through Halo 3's Campaign?

I expect to repeat an experiment I tried with H2, namely to see if I can get though the campaign on Normal without dying or reverting; i.e. treating it like it's for real. I invite others to try the same thing - and I'd be interested in subsequently hearing how people fare with it. Actually, did anyone do something like that for H2 or H1?

The key point about this is that you won't have the advance knowledge that you usually have when playing levels. Normally you know what's coming up - geography, threats, supply points and so on - and can plan accordingly, e.g. with your weapon combo and avenue of approach. That must make a huge difference; just think about all the times you're exploiting that knowledge, next time you're going through a level. So when H2 was on the way, I decided it would be interesting to see how hard things were without that unrealistic advance knowledge. My first play would be a rare opportunity for a semi-scientific experiment. I expected it to be quite a challenge to get through in one piece, despite only using Normal.

This brings me to my 'shotty tale of woe'. I finally got H2 and began my experiment, but it came to an annoying end shortly after I jumped onto the giant steel bug - ok call it a Scarab if you will, but it's still a giant steel bug to me. I cleared the top deck of enemy scum, then went below to try to polish off the remaining Elite or two. I'd picked up a shotgun before jumping on, assuming it would be ideal for the close-up work. Besides, somebody with impressive foresight had laid out weaponry all along the sidewalk for me - real handy eh? They wanted me to pick up a shotgun - and I was happy to oblige. But when I got an Elite in my sights down below and started blasting away, I swear nothing was happening! I can recall it quite vividly. Dang thing was making a banging noise ok but that was about all. Bungie had loaded it with blanks!

So there's me thinking "What the hell?...", and suddenly I was under fire from the Elites, who I presume were annoyed that I was making such a racket for no good reason. I mean, it was quite a confined space down there and it's not as if I'd handed out any earplugs. My memory begins to get hazy from panic here, but I think I desparately tried a grenade and I was trying to back off fast, but it was too late. The eight-foot nasties got me. All thanks to this useless excuse for a shotty I'd foolishly put my trust in.

So, that was my experiment over. Actually I wasn't as concerned as I might have been, because by then I'd become distracted by how worryingly different things were feeling to H1 - but that's another story. Still... dang stoopid nerfed shotty! I've heard suggestions that the H3 version might be almost as ineffective at anything except point-blank range, but I guess I'll soon find out. One thing's for sure though: when I do my experiment this time, I'm going to be pretty cautious about picking it up!

Maybe I'll try the experiment on Heroic this time, but I'm not sure. It could be too hard, which is why I only used Normal with the H2 experiment. In H1 Heroic wouldn't be any challenge for me nowadays (except for Flood with rocket launchers - whose bright idea was that?), and I expect a lot of you would say the same. But ask yourself this. What if a large pot-plant fell on your head from an upper story window and freakishly caused you to forget all the Halo geography and enemy locations and whatnot? Once the throbbing pain had gone, would you still be able to cope with ease? I guess that could be another experiment! In fact the risk might just be worth it to satisfy my scientific curiosity. Anyone got a large pot-plant?

Bad Cyborg

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