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First play through H3 Campaign? (was Reunion Tour)
Posted By: SteelGaribaldi <>Date: 9/1/07 5:05 p.m.

In Response To: Reunion Tour (pooberry (Max Power))

Thank you, I was going to go through the Halo 2 campaign again, but now I'm going to start at the beginning. Well, as much of a beginning as Pillar of Autumn is. :)

But this is all prologue. What's got me thinking is how to first play through the Halo 3 Campaign. A friend at work has convinced me to play through the first time in 4 player Coop on Heroic, in under 24 hours. Then I can play multiplayer without worrying about spoilers, and play through on Legendary on my own pace. Heck, if we can get several groups going, we might even compete; "We're on level 3, and you just started level 2? Nyah nyah."

So what are your plans for the first time through Halo 3's Campaign?

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