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Little book of friends
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 4/29/07 3:29 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Spotlight with Suzie: Press X to deploy moose (UrsusArctos)

: ROFL! That was the most hilarious Suzie in a long time! Ke ke ke...I'd love
: to set off a few smoke bombs in the back of a Pelican! Frankie the Moose?
: Why not add Noguchi the Bear or Matt the Hippo as deployables?

Rockslider: Quick Suzie, he loves you again; put him back in your little book of friends - we need all the fans we can get!

Suzie: Will do. What's he called again?

Rockslider: Urkle something. I forget. Something to do with where polar bears live.

Suzie: The Arctic?

Rockslider: That's it - Urkle Arctic. No, hold on that doesn't seem right. Let me think. It was U-R-S-U...

Suzie: Ursula Arctic?

Rockslider: Ursula Andress! No no, that can't be right - we're getting badly off track here.

Suzie: This could take all day. I've got people to see and things to meet you know.

Rockslider: Yeah, I'm counting on it!

Suzie: What kind of a wacky name IS this anyway? Is he an eskimo?

Rockslider: I think I may've been wrong about the Arctic bit.

Suzie: This is his own silly fault if you ask me. Let's just call him Timmy.

Rockslider: Timmy it is!

Suzie: And into the book he goes.

Rockslider: How many does that make now?

Suzie: Six.

Rockslider: Woo-hoo! We've hit the big time! Just make sure to show a bit more leg next episode - that should bump us up to eight or so.

Suzie: More leg? This is a radio show remember.

Rockslider: More leg I say!


Bad Cyborg

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