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[AMS] GreyThor

Messages Posted (The HBO Forum Archive): 155
Most Recent Post: 7/15/07 7:51 p.m.

The Southern Boy went to Hell Joke:

Ok, a Southern boy from Georgia went to Hell after he died. The Devil took notice of his arrival, and went to Hell's thermostat, and cranked the temperature a notch up. Then he went to greet the Southern Boy. Upon meeting him, he asks "Hey, Dixie Boy, what do ya think about my Hell?" The Southern Boy, not caring about the Devil, replies "Man, I've slept through hotter days outside during the month of June."

The Devil, never quitting trying to make his damned souls writhe in agony, but mainly to break the Southern Boy, went back to Hell's thermostat and notched it a higher setting. He went back to the Southern Boy and asked him what he thought about the heat. The Southern Boy replied, "I've been through worse fishing from my dock during the month of July."

The Devil, frazzled by the Southern Boy's resistance to Hell's heat while every other soul was now feeling agonized, went back to Hell's thermostat and cranked it all the way it could go. Sweating himself, he went again to the Southern Boy who was almost nodding off to sleep, and asked him about his thoughts of Hell now. The Southern Boy replied this time "I've toiled through hotter days in the fields during the month of August, working hard into the night, and still in the morning."

The Devil, now in a clear panic, retreated back to Hell's thermostat, and pondered what he could do now. Everyone else in Hell, including the Devil, was sweating up a storm, feeling burnt to a crisp - but not the Southern Boy. Suddenly, the Devil had a tricky idea. He cranked Hell's thermostat all the way to zero, and even turned on the air conditioning! Now Hell was an icy wasteland, one to rival Dante's description of Hell. He went back to the Southern Boy, and this time asked him what his take of Hell was. The Southern Boy, this time shivering terribly, asked "What, the Falcons win the Superbowl or something?"


Different names during my time at HBO: "Gian Maleki" , "Gre'Thor117" , "Gre'Thor" , "Grey" , "[AMS] GreyThor". I'm also Shucorion from time to time. What I've done for HBO: Made some trailers for Halo 2, and gave a heads-up for Durban's Halo related songs.

Age: 18 years.
Born: New York City, NY.
Current location: Savannah, GA.
Occupation: Freelance and employed landscaper.
Other Occupation: Supply for CO2 for paintball games.

Sports I do: Cross Country, Basketball, Golf, Biking, Paintball, Swimming, Wakeboarding, Skirfing, Surfing, Poker (Texas Hold 'Em - revenues go towards my gas finances).

What I do on my own time: Piano (going on 12 years of playing and studying), hang around with friends a ton, drive, boat, fish.

What I drink: Gatorade, Water, Sobe, Fuze, XS

Gun interest: Military types, mainly from WWII.

Favorite Games: Halo, Homeworld, StarCraft, Star Trek: EaW/OP and Armada II, Need For Speed: High Stakes.... you want me to leave some time this hour?

Favorite Piano song: Introduction and Fugato in D Minor.
Current song in study: Wedding Day at Troldhaugen by Edvard Grieg.
Piano songs I know: Introduction and Fugato in D Minor, Polonaise in G Minor, Romance-Impromtu.

Fan of EdgeN @ and

Well that's me. You won't really see me too often. I'm on IRC as GreyThor. I also visit All Media Studios and its forum,

By the way, word from the Southern colleges (Auburn, UGA, GA Southern, GA Tech) says that Poker is the new "big thing" - the nextgen consoles are still big, but Poker, Texas Hold 'Em mainly, is the big thing to know or learn when you get there.

And yeah, I'm a very, very big Poker Texas Hold 'Em player. You might see me on the WPT later on in my life. Either that or go into the radiation field of high end sciences, spend 10+ years at college, get a PH.D, go to Harvard. And who says you can't do both? Who knows?

And I'm still out there to solve the world's energy crisis. In 30 years we will run out of oil at the rate of consumption we are at. Big pressure in the nanotechnology-related energy fields, and for research for a fusion nuclear reactor. I'll go on to design the fusion nuclear reactor. Just wait for me! ;)

Ah, who knows where life will take you?

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