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FS2H Weekly Update 2.0
Posted By: Devrous <>Date: 3/28/07 2:49 a.m.

...there are obviously many things which we do not understand, and may never be able dare you betray me...Tycho...a good death...Durandal...


----------------------END OF RAMPANCY----------------------------------

0349 hours, March 28, 2007 (Military Calendar) \
Sol System, Planet Earth \ FS2H Main Office

And so begins the second weekly update of FS2H…

Ok, so I jumped the gun by about a day. I’ve been too excited to wait for a full se7en!

Last week’s post was a primer, and I posted only a single image. This week I delve into a longwinded exposition of legendary prose. Or I could just talk about the game and post a bunch of pictures for effect. But I don’t want to bore you, so I think I could introduce the Tech Room. Aw, heck…how about all three?

First Things First

For those of you who are new to FS2H, go here. For the rest, I’d like to start out by saying that I am first and foremost a Halo fan. And one of the things that I believe sets Halo apart from other games is an active community determined to expand both the game itself and the Halo Universe. As such, it is inevitable that several people may have the same idea or train of thought. I assure you that anything I present here is original (or a sort of “shout-out” to something I think was awesome), yet inspired heavily by the games, the books, and the fans. If I use someone else’s work purposefully, I give credit where it is due. If by some chance I use a similar idea, or forget to ascribe to the person I borrowed it from, bring it to my attention, but don’t flame me…pretty please. I’m only human.

The Vision of FS2H So Far

Why did I make FS2H? Because I, like most of you, am intrigued with space travel. The concept is a driving force in my life, and the reason I chose Engineering as my college degree path. And I, like hopefully all of you, love the Halo Universe. There isn’t much information on the UNSC Navy, especially in the games. Eric Nylund (all hail!) did a terrific job describing space battles, but he showed greatest aptitude in describing the inner workings of the UNSC and human technology. I used most if not all of the UNSC space-faring elements he portrayed in his three books. My goal is to expound on his and Bungie’s work. Trust me when I say that I felt butterflies in my stomach the first time I flew a mission above Reach and zoomed past dozens of space docks, transports and capital ships; a feeling I hope I can recreate when you eventually play FS2H.

Secondly, I made FS2H because Freespace was basically a first-person shooter--IN SPACE! The only difference is that you can move in any direction, and move very quickly. Just imagine the Longsword you’ll pilot. Now imagine Master Chief with a crazy thruster pack, missiles instead of grenades, and a huge freaking gun. They’d be just about the same.


C709 Longsword

The C709 Longsword Heavy Interceptor is the UNSC's main singleship. Fast, maneuverable, and armed to the teeth, the Longsword is a threat to any vessel that underestimates it. The C709 sports two 110mm autocannons, two 120mm ventral guns, and two banks of AGSM-10 Maverick missiles. The Longsword may also carry several Moray mines or small SHIVA nuclear missiles.

More Information.

D77-TC Pelican

The D77-TC Pelican is the UNSCs main dropship. Capable of exo- and endo-atmospheric flight, it is a versatile workhorse within the fleet. The Pelican's engines can swivel, allowing the vessel to hover. Pelicans can carry twelve marines and their gear into battle quickly. There is also a rear docking clamp, allowing the Pelican to carry a Warthog or Scorpion to the front lines. In space actions, the Pelican may be used as a support ship or boarding craft. The Pelican is armed with a 70mm chaingun and sixteen Anvil-II missiles.

More Information.

E205 Rapier

The E205 Rapier is the Longsword's predecessor. While it has the speed and maneuverability prized by fighter pilots, its lack of armor and effective weaponry make it a second choice at best. The E205s have been retrofitted to use AGSM-10 Maverick missiles, but its small size limits capacity. Other than its speed, the only noteworthy part of the Rapier is the refire rate of its 70mm cannons.

B105 Claymore

The B105 Claymore Bomber was designed to take out enemy capital ships. By the time the UNSC colonization effort began, capital ships were plentiful. Fightercraft were yet to be developed, and the few opposing factions of the UNSC devised a plan to build a fleet of bombers to cheaply and effectively counter large vessels. The Claymore was highly feared by the UNSC until the Rapier was designed and implemented. Since then, the UNSC has conquered those factions and incorporated the bomber into their fleet, though most view bomber warfare as 'dishonorable.' The Claymore carries three missile banks and a pair of cannons. Their loadout ranges from small SHIVA's to Hellfires to even a small number of Archer missiles. They require fighter escort to effectively take out targets, but their thick hulls give them a high survival rate in engagements.

D909 Broadsword

The D909 Broadsword Heavy Bomber is the most heavily armed singleship in the UNSC. The Broadsword has two pairs of engines for unmatched acceleration, and it can make a full run with afterburners at speeds only paralleled by capital ships. The D909 has two 120mm autocannon pairs to make short work of enemy fighters. It can hold any missile munition, including nuclear missiles and mines. Broadswords are easily out-maneuvered by interceptors, but their massive payloads make them perfect for attacking enemy capital ships.



In Parting

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making it. Next week I will be addressing several questions submitted to me via email (there is always room for more!) and showing off a few in-game shots of the human forces. Also, I may end up posting a mid-point update in a few days if I get twitchy and can’t contain my enthusiasm.

Until then, peace and see you next time.

----------------------END OF RAMPANCY----------------------------------


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