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Re: Defeated by a Grunt
Posted By: Captain Spark <>Date: 1/7/07 10:03 a.m.

In Response To: Defeated by a Grunt (Rockslider)

: The megabattles are always great for a spot of intense replayable action, but
: I also still go through the levels quite a lot. The marathon experience of
: AOTCR is my favourite for that, and I play it lots of different ways to
: give myself challenges. I was on it last night, trying to get through on
: Legendary without ever losing a health bar, and also forbidding myself the
: use of vehicles and the sniper rifle. Nearing the final bridge (the icy
: one), I'd just killed the two Hunters in the preceding room, and now had
: to clear the corridor of Jackals and Grunts. A frag grenade took out the
: Jackals, but in a moment of overconfidence I waded in to take on the
: Grunts with an AR I'd just picked up. It was a needless risk.
: Unfortunately the mag emptied before everyone was down, which was sheer
: carelessness on my part. One of the fin-backed devils kept on coming, and
: as you know, on Legendary these guys can actually get pretty nasty with
: their plasma pistols. Before I could reload, I'd lost a health bar, making
: it game over for me. Defeated by a Grunt! Oh the shame...

Like you, I like to invent challenges while playing Halo 1, there are vast amounts of little battles that I still squeeze as much fun out of as I can.

At the moment, I'm doing the Loft Battle. I think you know where I'm talking about. If not, this is after you rescue Fire Team Charlie and you make your way across the double bridge and go back inside. You keep going until you get to the end of that long hall, you always get a checkpoint just before you make that right turn at the end of the hall.
There's loads of Grunts, four Jackals and three Elites within the vicinity and the loft is full of Covenant. I like to see how big of an explosion I can get by dropping the Grunts as close to one another as I can, then I counter with the Needler. It's fun to shoot just seven needles and the resulting secondary explosions can clear out the entire loft of Covenant.

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